After 4 years of torturous pain, feeling like I’m being stabbed, vomiting my guts up…. the doctors today offically diagnosed me with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome).

The doctor showed me the ultrasound results and said that I have small cysts (tumors) in my ovaries which is why I go 5 months with my period some times, also one of the main side effects of this syndrome is that I will have a hard time trying for kids OR I can become totally infertile which is scaring me because I really want kids in the next few years.

There is ways to treat this; medication or an operation, I’m still in alot of pain and I really don’t know what to say. But at least alot of things add up, like losing clumps of my hair, not having my period for over 5 months, putting on weight, feeling dizzy & weak all the time.

I just really hope that I’ll be able to have kids, that’s all I’m worried about!


  1. Salamat Nani…it’s a very serious diagnosis.

    You’ll have kids, insha2alla you will!! There’s a million and one treatments available out there; with today’s technology there’s no reason to be pessimistic; insha2alla things will be fine 🙂

    Wuv u :**

  2. Ananyah this is a very normal hormonal problem that many women suffer from. I personally know many and have an ovarian syndrome myself. Don’t worry you’ll be able to have kids, one of my cousin’s had it and after proper treatment has two healthy young boys.
    Being scared is entirely normal! Just thank God for having such a minor condition that’s completely curable, it’s a good thing it isn’t a major illness. Eat and exercise well and take your medicine (glucose, I assume). You’ll be fine!

  3. Don’t get stresses cause it’ll only make you feel worse. I have a friend who has the same thing and I remember when she first diagnosed with it she had the same fears as you have. However she followed her doctor’s orders and a special treatment and now she is fine. Yes, this can cause infertility but it’s not that often since doctors can treat it with a great success, whether by pills or surgery. Although I don’t think you’ll ever reach the “surgery” point.
    However, I hope you get better soon 🙂

  4. hello I’ve been reading ur blog for a while now and I really admire how brave u r and I think ur totally sweet
    well thiz iz my first comment ever, I felt like I had 2 share the info that I have abt PCOS.
    At first u’ll get scared and u’ll panic coz itz not well known and they still dont know the reason y would a woman get PCOS. Im telling you dont worry and it’s quite normal itz just a hormonal disorder it iz caused by an increase in the insulin level that would increase the testosterone level and that would cause the irregular period the weight gain and abnormal hair growth and many other things.
    I tried pills that regulate the hormonez but those sucked and didnt help and I think it made my case worse however now im on metaformin and it’s great! I can c a rapid weight loss and hair loss and I feel better already.
    what I truly recommend is 2 cut down on dairy products, carbohydrates and all types of sugar, do vigorous exercise.. sometimes just these thingz would b great and u dont have 2 go on any medication
    sorry for the long comment.. if u have any question plz feel free 2 email me..
    I have so much info abt this that I cant put them in words and in order hehehe hopefully u’ll feel better soon

  5. salamat Nani…don’t worry dear everything will go fine…just be strong…and u’ll have kids enshalla….:)…take care of urself!

  6. Babe, no need for all this drama its not serious. I had it and many of my friends and cousins have it. Get over it its nothing.

    But, if you ignore it for like 10 years you will have to remove an ovary or two. A cousin did and she removed an ovary. This did not happen because ‘treatments’ dont work, its because she ignored it.

    You may not like my attitude about this, but its because its sickening how ppl want attention by spilling all their ‘MEDICAL’ problems on a blog when their not at ALL serious. This isnt the first time either.
    Get over it and get over yourself, you’ll be in good health inshallah.

  7. Hey girl, i really hope everything works out well and the pain subsides. At least some people are expressing thier experience with PCOS, and hopefully treatment will work!

    a nobody, she is going through something unknown to her so like anyone else she is scared but handling it, the atittude is seriously unneeded. Bring it down a notch or two and be more understanding. Er7am fa tur7am.

  8. ever since i was born and my dad used to drag me to hospitals in the middle of the night cause i would be screaming in pain. i would have to go for tests, and more tests and scans and echoes every month., i even had surgery. noone not a single doctor knew what was wrong with me. IDIOTS. till when i was 18 and moved to dubai and met this wonderful doctor who saved my life. she knew what was wrong with me and she even gave me the medicine to kill the pain. the minute i knew what was wrong with me, although its not fixable, i was reliefed. i felt in peace and happy. dont worry ull overcome this but now ull feel much in peace cause you know WHAT the thing is 🙂 and u will now know how to deal with it. i promise it will become easier.

  9. although we spoke last night on msn, i want to remind u that I am here if there is anything i can do to help. I am sure you will get out of it perfectly, ur too cute to suffer 😛 Best health beautiful!

  10. mohammed ali Reply

    May Allah give you long life and solve your problems. Now u see u just have to rely on the nature of Allah who can do things out of no where.I hope everything works out for you and i’ll pray for your good health.

  11. Shooot Anan.. that’s so sad to hear 🙁 En sha2 allah you get getter soon o en sha2 allah it will be cured soon.. la 7awla wala qowwata ella bellah

  12. Woah! sounds scary but try not to think much n get hyper over it.relax n have faith in the divinity up above, everything will be fine.
    Take care. Cheers 🙂

  13. habibi inchalla its nothing, we need a twirlie session asap… walahi u girls turned out to be ay kalam as smg would say… mischa, u know how much i love you?! ,me neither but its like a lot 🙂 sou u call that an email? that thing u sent me is not even considered an sms in japan. bas 7sabna ba3dein… lol u sent it after u read my comment on mischa’s blog and then ur like… ooooh i sent u an e-mail, eh day ya bit ya kofta, ya C… actually! i just realized that i did the email deal with ayo not u… oooh my bad! bloody whoopsie daisy…

  14. Huge huggling
    Girl medecine makes heals but only u can cure it (with Gods will Inshallah)
    so i say think positive and b determined to get over this
    btw this will one day u will look back into ur life and say i got over that watch me get over anything

  15. wats wrong with my english today!!! i apologize lol but i do mean it from the heart

  16. Well babe , as i told you , have faith on God , and you will be more than fine, just give it some time so Doctors will undrestand more what going on. love u babe
    MR. Talisam if you dont have something good to say , dont say it at all, btw i live in Kuwait and we can solve this problem , it seems no one taught you the manner of talking or treating humans , so its better for us to meet, atleast i can teach you some .

  17. Ohhhhh SMG good reply….this sick guy deserves more than that he’s always negative on everyone’s blog!

  18. salamat.. one of my friends has the same thing. the good news is that u’ve been suffering from this for yrs.. & finally u know the reason behind it. so the fact that u’ve dealt with it this long, not knowing what it was, al7mdl’Allah, now at least u can start ur battle against it!

    biltawfeeg inshAllah.. Allah Yashfeech

  19. so sorry to hear about your diagnosis!

    inshallah things will be okay! treatment is available and inshallah you will have lots of beautiful babies!

    keep the faith!

  20. hehe talisman ur such a loser… boohoo! somebody call the waaambulance for talisman… hehe… mischa, as i would say in my british accent… bloody inordinate 🙂

  21. hi nani..

    so sorry for hearing that, and inshallah u will be fine soon

    well, i sometimes pass by ur blog and read ur posts, and honestly i do enjoy them…

    every one before me has talked, said, commented and supported u with every way they could use… and i do the same, i advise u to have faith in god, coz every thing u are going through now is just a test to examine ur faith

    love ya sis and hopfuly soon we will hear good news from u


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  24. I discovered in Dr. Nancy Dunne’s pcos diet book that eating soups and salads is one of the very best ways to lose weight if you have PCOS. This recommendation is supported by research at Penn State university. It’s amazing how a few tweaks of the diet can yield such good results. Here’s more info about the book

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