You’ve got this look i can’t describe,
You make me feel like I’m alive,
When everything else is au fait,
Without a doubt you’re on my side,
Heaven has been away too long,
Can’t find the words to write this song,
Your love,

Still i wonder why it is,
I don’t argue like this,
With anyone but you,
We do it all the time,
Blowing out my mind,

I have come to understand,
The way it is,
It’s not a secret anymore,
’cause we’ve been through that before,
From tonight I know that you’re the only one,
I’ve been confused and in the dark,
Now I understand
by Corinne Bailey Rae


  1. Ok this is just too corny for me at the moment..

    I am greatly in need of a combination of Will Smith and Linkin Park!

    That would hit the spot right now!

  2. not just that but i adore the light in her videos and the scene, great director

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