I am lucky because:
+ I have amazing parents
+ I’ve never let the bad things in my life change who I am
+ I live between Paris & Glasgow
+ I’ve lived in 3 different continents
+ I have friends all over the world
+ I have travelled all over the world
+ Have amazing best friends
+ I have a white heart
+ Have had a good education all my life
+ Have a BSc in Computer Science and International Business with E-Commerce
+ Realised my dreams early on
+ I am honest & trustworthy
+ My health is okay
+ Got a job not because who my father is, but because they wanted ME!
+ Am now doing my MSc, which I love!
+ Realised which career path I’m aiming for

For the first time in my life, I am truly truly happy! I have achieved everything that I wanted (so far!) and I can’t help but smile like an idiot!


  1. well , i wish u all the best because u deserve all the best , i love u babes :*

  2. Bitch where am I on this list! hahaha

    yala 7amdilla your feeling great! I got a bike so im on top of this world… i need to get another one though! hehehe

  3. Just show your whole face rather than lips and your shoes. I mean why are u so afraid of not posing for a picture to see us all considering how open minded u are.

  4. May this happiness never leave your heart, may this smile keeps its print on your lovely lips, may all of your dreams come true and this love you carry never falls behind your shoulders.

  5. الحمدللÙ ‡

    على كل هالنعم , وما نقدر نقول غيرها
    بالتوÙ?يق لك بحياتك 🙂

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