My mom is flying over from Paris tomorrow afternoon to visit me :dance: I haven’t seen her in a month and I am actually missing her for some strange reason!

The advantages of her coming over are:
1. She cooks instead of me
2. I can go out til late with her instead of having a curfew
3. She is looking into buying an apartment so I can live alone (& have a life!)
4. She’ll take me shopping

The disadvantage of her coming over are:
1. Having to share a bed with her for 1 week

Never the less, I am excited about her coming over 😀


  1. LOL But you’ll still be able to talk to me whenever ;P And I love you and you still have a life well sort of hehe but oh well ;P


  2. Its just a nice feeling for a little while.. and your phone conversations can wait for a bit.. girl just enjoy your time with her.. you dont see her all the time!

  3. shame on you anayah for citing all the cons of ur mother arrival and u should respect ur mother to should have kept this personal rather than making it public.

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