I’m watching TV with my mom, I managed to steal my laptop off of her for a while so I can blog about this show I’m watching. It’s called Death of a President

“Set in the near future, the drama imagines the assassination of George W Bush and examines America’s reaction to it.

The feature-length film is shockingly real and uses archive footage and documentary techniques to great effect.

It is October 2007 and US foreign and domestic policies have polarised the country’s electorate. Arriving in Chicago to make a speech to business leaders, the President is confronted by a massive anti-war demonstration. Unperturbed, Bush goes ahead with the visit. But as he leaves the venue he is gunned down by a sniper.

While a nation mourns, the hunt for his killer swings into action and the state apparatus tries to make sense of this horrific attack on the administration. The investigation soon focuses on a Syrian-born man, Jamal Abu Zikri.

Death of a President is a gripping drama that explores the administration’s responses to 9/11 and is inspired by the real-life experiences of those caught up in the ‘War on Terror’.”

I’m actually enjoying it! I couldn’t help by laugh when he got shot though (yes that’s evil!) but it’s an interested TV Show….. it would be freaky if it did happen this time next year!

Anyhoooo back to watching TV & doing one of my MSc projects at the same time

Note: There is a woman speaking in Egyptain Arabic and is pissing the hell outta me! Sorry Sou but I seriously cannot stand the Egyptain Accent!!! Or wait… maybe it was Palestinian… geez they sound the same… sorry Izzy 😛

Update: No No sorry… it’s Syrian…. but I still hate the Egyptain Accent 😛


  1. You still hate the egyptian accent?!! Ouff! eh dah?!

    Shofto ya 3alam?! Shofto ya nass?!!!!! 😐 😐 😐 😐



    Bravo 3aleiki Rebellious, te3gebeeni, edeeha fi genabha :p LOL!

    You don’t like the Egyptian accent ya Nani? Tab khodi dah, w dih, w khodi dah kaman…w law mesh 3agbek, edrabi demaghek fel 7eit :p BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Okay, i feel better now 😀 hehe

  3. ohhhh i want to watch that so bad just to see bush get shot! yay! not evil, its for the good of humanity… hehe egyptian or palestinian mischa? they have nothing to do with each other like rebellious arab girl says… oh well sou u cant blame her we probably ceated this cofusion for her since we both switch from egyptian to palestinian when we are talking togther… hehehe mischa just hates everything she doesnt understand… cuz she has to ask us to translate 😛 we love you mischa say hi to ur mom!

  4. Iz…shush ya mama…gaybana wara enti with your niceness :p lol…Ya benti, she just said she doesn’t like the Egyptian and Palestinian accents, let us break loose and cause havoc! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  5. Lol…gad3a ya bet wallahi!

    Yalla ya Mr.Nano, show us what you got, turn Nani into an Egyptian speaking gal! 😉

  6. I’ve watched the movie, but was not too into it. the accent spoken by the lady is Palestinian/Jordanian, nothing whatsoever like Syrian or Egyptian..

    She’s probably a Palestinian who lived in Jordan for a while before moving to the USA.

  7. The movie stirred a lot of controversery in the States and the producer of the movie was under a viciouse attack by the conservative press..If you read some of what was written you’d think you’re in a communist country that exercises zero tolerance to any opinions that doesnt adhere to that of the government!

    I hope I’d get a reply to my comment this time!

  8. oo b3dain we the Kuwaitis we’re God’s gift to the world…j/k lol

  9. u sound kind of retared…palestinian and egyptian accents r very different…and if u dont know ur accents why do they bug u so much if u cant even differentiate..
    and khaleeji accents r gross

  10. Asil, the way she was speaking was bugging me….. she played a syrian woman in the movie, but clearly wasnt syrian.

    Anyway, arabic isn’t my 1st language so naturally to me, they sound the same, whereas, I can tell the difference between Kuwaiti & others because I was brought up in Kuwait and learnt the Kuwaiti accent and do not know others.

    But that isn’t a reason to call me retared!

    Plus Izzy & Sou knows I was joking about this part! They even change between Egyptain and Palestinian all the time to confuse me!

  11. We know you were joking babe, MWAH :***

    And oi! What the heck’s wrong with some people?!! Why’d Asil call you retarded?! Eh dah?! grrr :@

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