I made a friend at University today over coffee in my Oracle class, she’s called Katie, she’s Polish & she’s the only other girl bar me in my MSc class 🙂 Wohoo so I know 2 people in Glasgow now (not family!). Katie asked if I wanted to go to this Art Museum with her next week so I said sure thing since it’s an amazing place, and let’s me have someone to hang out with.

I spoke to the 10 guys as well, they seem really nice guys; 2 Spanish, 1 Polish, 2 Nigerian, 2 Scottish, 3 English

I’m going out with Libellula tomorrow for fu6oor (iftar) with her little sister who just moved to Glasgow as well.. so hey I know 3 people!

Classes are cancelled tomorrow, so I’m going to sleep… I woke at 6am today to get ready and get to the city centre by 8:30am for class. I’m totally worn out >.< my eyes are stinging & Chewy is humping my legs non-stop and it's starting to piss me off! The funniest thing that happened today was a short conversation between my grandfather & I Him: “How old are you now?”
Me: “24”
Him: “God damn you’re getting old!”
Me: “You’re 80!”

And yes I’m aware I have been randomly blogging ALOT since I got the net installed!


  1. my mom was laughing at me, cause I was chatting to one of the Spanish guys in my class when she called me, then the guy was like Ciao Meee-shela and my mom was like “is that your new fan club member” and I’m like “ewww no he’s too spotty!”

  2. OK wait.. whats Nani + 1 then .. I thought you might have went off and bought another damn Ipod nano even though you dont need it!

  3. U jog? dude Im waayyyy too tired after work! I just want to rest and do nothing! this isnt good, but at least im relaxed! hahaha!

  4. Yay! Friends!!!

    But now you won’t have time for us *runs away crying* – You know I’m just kidding :p hehe..

    Random blog hun, I love your posts 🙂

    I think the thing I hate the most about class is that fact that I have to wake up early, and gah, it’s really a pain in the rear end – I can see you’ve found that out too! hehehe 😀

    What did your grandfather say after you said he was 80? 😉

  5. I am ashamed for you 😛 You are obviously trying to outdo my comments, but then again we are facing a difference of 4 comments ;P

  6. WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!!


    Zouq, I’m getting you back for this…grrrrrrrrrr!!!

  7. its my blog u hoe :p play nice every1 aiiite?

    Omg im a freak, im checking my blog from my cellphone while trying 2 sleep hehe yes im an addict :p

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