So I’m here, been here 1 week exactly and things are going great. I’ve been spending alot of time with my grandfather, hanging out, chatting, cooking for him which is nice… it gives him company and me also.

I’ve also got the added addition of little CHEWY the doggy who is a lil monster! Seriously, if you leave anything on the floor long enough, he will come and chew it…. he chews cables, newspapers, shoes, socks, pillows, handbags..EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING! I’ve been taking him out for walks, but he’s only 17 weeks old and doesn’t really know what going for a walk is all about :hehe: he walks a little, then stops, then I have to bribe him with little doggy biscuits before he will walk again 😀 He’s so cute, and when I wake it the morning, he’s waiting outside my bedroom to jump on me and lick me haha then whenever I walk anywhere in the house or garden, he runs outside to be nosy! HE EVEN FOLLOWS ME TO THE BATHROOM!.

When I arrived last Sat, little GLITZU FUJITZU was waiting for me, I was waiting for so long for my new laptop and now it’s here! It’s sexy! I :heart: it! Then today I got the wireless net connected… MWAHAHA 8 MEG WIRELESS TO ABUSE NOW! I missed the net! I had over 60 emails from people wondering where the hell I was!

And here I am now, lying on the sofa in the sitting room, doggy sleeping next to me, grandfather reading the newspaper…. and in an hour or so, I’ll go cook dinner for us 😀 Tonight I’m cooking Indian food!

Oh I almost forgot, I went to my Masters induction day, there are 12 people in my class; 10 boys and 2 girls (myself included!). My classes start on Tuesday and I’m shitting myself as I know they are gonna work my ass off!

& one of the good things about moving down here is that I get to see much more of my family, my aunt pops in from time to time, I see my brother, I’m living with my grandfather, my mom flies over from Paris alot, infact my parents are flying over next week cause my daddy wants to watch a football match




    Look, a laptop!! woohoooo!! And a pup! 😀 😀 😀 😀

  2. i prefer pussies over dogs ;).. he he he!

    btw is that new fujitus lappy with a biometric scanner ?

  3. haha funny SOS! And no there aint no biometric scanner but I was thinking to get that one, but my daddy bought me this one instead 😀

  4. I will kick your ass! God damn it! You have 8meg connection! I really want that! I hate that its so slow in Kuwait!

    Im not pissed at you.. but I will kick your ass for the sake of kicking your ass.. you know.. nobody does it, somebody has to do it and I volunteer! I will put you right and shit! hehehe!

    I told you before a dog is soooooo much better then a cat! I hated the cat that you had in your apartment before that wasnt yours! So there! hehehe!

    Im happy your back online now.. keep postin girl! Im gonna be Riding Dirty in Kuwait! And I will always be Riding Dirty! WHAT! loool

  5. Lord I can’t even muster up enough energy to welcome you back properly, I am seriously beyond exhausted so all I can say is ‘eh’ :r hehe ;/

  6. gonna be ridin dirteeeeeeeeeh omg zouk chamillionaire is coming to Glasgow for a concert! I so wanna go and be all gangsta n shit but I don’t know any1 here hehe

    jackie wacky dont worry, I know :* lub u none the less

  7. And I love you more of course hehe ;P Wait I feel a sneeze, wait for it, damn it, I can’t even sneeeze 🙁

    I’m going to cry until this bloody cold goes away 🙁

    But I still love you more 😛 Hehehe

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