My new toy has arrived, I’m like a kid with candy :hehe: It’s my new ultra tiny usb drive!

Measuring just 3cm in height and 2.7mm thick the drives are available in a variety of fruit inspired colors. The drives are available in 256MB, 512MB, 1GB and 2GB capacities.

I bought the 512mb one which comes in purple and omg it’s so tiny that I will probably lose it! But I’m gonna use it for my MSc course to keep all my work on it.

It only cost me like £20 (approx 10KD) for it so it’s not so bad! Oh and it comes with a funky little case you can clip onto your documents or even your mobile if you wanted haha

Yes they are girly but they are so freekin sexy even guys would want them!

I’m off to play with it now 😀


  1. They look really cool 😀 i like…. How much would the 1 GB or the 2 GB cost? i am thinking of getting my self one of those …

  2. YOU TOLD ME THE SECOND YOU ORDERED IT! Everyone else, eat your hearts out! BWAHAHAHAHA!

    I’m special, I know 😀

    Why didn’t you taka a picture of it next to your laptop so that I know how tiny it really is?! 😉 hehe

  3. wow nice.. i donno if they have that in Canadian stores yet.. but I will check ebay!! I was looking to buy one for a few weeks now.. I want the 2 gig obviously! 😛

  4. I was going to write a post about USB drives two days ago but decided to scrap it since prices varied too much. Click ‘n’ buy is selling 2 GB for 12.750 KD but who knows how reliable it really is :/

  5. That thing is just waaaayyyy too tiny for me! I really would loose it! hehehehe! Im more of an extrenal HD type of guy! looool!

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