Yes you are most all aware that I am a programming geek, but sometimes I get pissed off at it.

When you spend every waking night working on a new look for your site, then test it for hours on 4 different browsers on your test site, and then everything is perfect, so you “launch” it…. only for it to fuck up on another broswer, then suddenly appear weird on another!

Without you touching ANYTHING that wasn’t tested before!

Ugh seriously! I know it’s a tiny bug somewhere in my coding and will be easy to fix, but it’s giving me a headache & I’m a perfectionist so this is gonna bug the shit outta me until I fix it and everything is how I want it to be 😡

Don’t you get me?

I think I’m just going to re-code it all again!

Update: I’ve taken off the links in the sidebar just now, I getting sick of trying to figure out the problem! So I’m giving up for today! I’ve got a stomach ache and feel like crap! So y’all have to put up with it not looking 100% perfect.


  1. Actually I like it.
    The home page is slightly gone to the left but the comments page is perfectly centered.
    I wish I was a programming geek if I could create this 😀
    Nice job, keep it up.

  2. yah when you go to the comments page, everything is perfect, its something in the main bit that is messing it up and if only I could figure it out!

    welcome to my blog btw

  3. well if you test it on a test website and it’s working perfectly, and here it doesn’t, it might be bcoz ur running here on a different environment (e.g. os type, php version, etc.)

    i can help, if you need anything

  4. Jackie- I hope so!

    jajaja- nope it’s not, same OS, and the test site is a sub-domain of my site, using the same version of wordpress and all the same php files. Thx 4 ur offer 😀

    3baid- seriously I know! thats why I’m totally checking everything again and again and it’s killing my eyes haha

    JPierre- Thank you so much! Hopefully it will be better after I figure out the problem I’m having with it haha Welcome to my blog, hope to see you around much more!

  5. MashAllah, the new look is really nice.
    By the way, when the individual page for the post opens, the layout is fine. The main page is aligned left. Im using Explorer.
    But really, the site looks awesome!

  6. that is what i hate about coding esp in exams ugh i dunno why have i studied this dumb major!!!

    just a question, i believe u r familiar with alcohol since u live in the UK, i have discovered someone close to me drinks Russian Vodka and i dunno what the hell is that, is it really considered a type of alcohol? i mean he is muslim that is why am shocked and i dont have any slight idea what that might be!!!!

  7. Reemzona- Russian Vodka is alcohol, a spirit, and the strongest of them all. The alcohol percentage is extremely high so that even the smallest shot of it can make you drunk.

    Read about it here –>

    Regarding whether or not he should drink, that’s not up to you or me. It is his choice, regardless of him being Muslim or not. Yes it’s 7aram in Islam to drink, but it is his mistake to learn from. I would just ask him why he drinks and advise him to stop. However, you cannot force him to stop, it has to come from him and soon one day he will realise that drinking alcohol isn’t a good road to go down.

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