So after a failed attempt, I finally met up with Pearls, her hubby Rami and the little monster Hassan. We decided to meet at 7pm near my apartment and go for dinner. Pearls was running late so I sat on a bench waiting for them, then it popped into my head, how am I going to know how she looks like?! Is Hassan with her or is she alone?

Then suddenly I see a guy pushing a baby’s stroller and a lady walking with them looking around, I then stood up and approached them and said “Hey!” I think Pearls was shocked that I knew it was them, but it was little 7asoon that I knew them by hehehe OMGGGGGGGGG he is so adorable!

We went to Pizza Express for dinner, 7asoon was trying to steal Pearl’s orange juice, then he kept dropping his pacifier and I kept picking it up, then he moved onto tissue’s! He got so excited over them and started cleaning the table hehehehe. One of the waitress’ in the place then gave him a balloon and OMG how crazy did he get?! He started licking the ballon, trying to bite it and then bouncing it up in the air hehehe he was so adorable! He then moved on to playing with my keys hehehe chewing them, throwing them & drooling on them hahahaha can you tell how much I liked him hehehe)

It’s funny how 7asoon has different mannerism & features of both of them. He has Pearl’s eyes & lips. Rami’s cheeks and ears. When 7asoon drinks juice, he makes little faces and they make your heart melt hehehehe

It was worth all the screaming and crying that came afterwards hehehehe I didn’t mind *grin*

Pearls is such a sweetheart, such a wonderful person & I’m glad I FINALLY got to meet her. Rami isn’t how I expected him to be. You know when you have a mental image of how someone looks? Well, I thought he’d be like your typical Kuwaiti guy n all, but he was the total opposite! He was cool, friendly and funny! Pearls & Rami make an amazing couple! Seriously, they complement eachother!

I’m so glad I met them (did I just say that again?) and I really hope to meet up with them before they leave Aberdeen


  1. Awwww….I remember when my sister did the things 7assan did! Allah yekhalilhom 7assan 🙂

    Next on your list, moi? *flattered* 😀 😉

    mwah! :*

  2. Why aren’t I first! Ha Ha Ha Ha!?!?!?! Why is Sou Sou before me?! 😛

    I’m just yanking your chain 😛

  3. its nice when u meet a net friend… u reminded me of one of my q80 net friends that i met in toronto a few years ago with her husband and sons.. i loved it!

  4. *blush* I had so much fun and I’m so glad we met too. Sorry I kept you waiting, I’m usually prompt but I had so much shopping to do lol.

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