September 2006


I made a friend at University today over coffee in my Oracle class, she’s called Katie, she’s Polish & she’s the only other girl bar me in my MSc class 🙂 Wohoo so I know 2 people in Glasgow now (not family!). Katie asked if I wanted to go to this Art Museum with her next week so I said sure thing since it’s an amazing place, and let’s me have someone to hang out with.

I spoke to the 10 guys as well, they seem really nice guys; 2 Spanish, 1 Polish, 2 Nigerian, 2 Scottish, 3 English

I’m going out with Libellula tomorrow for fu6oor (iftar) with her little sister who just moved to Glasgow as well.. so hey I know 3 people!

Classes are cancelled tomorrow, so I’m going to sleep… I woke at 6am today to get ready and get to the city centre by 8:30am for class. I’m totally worn out >.< my eyes are stinging & Chewy is humping my legs non-stop and it's starting to piss me off! The funniest thing that happened today was a short conversation between my grandfather & I Him: “How old are you now?”
Me: “24”
Him: “God damn you’re getting old!”
Me: “You’re 80!”

And yes I’m aware I have been randomly blogging ALOT since I got the net installed!

So I’m here, been here 1 week exactly and things are going great. I’ve been spending alot of time with my grandfather, hanging out, chatting, cooking for him which is nice… it gives him company and me also.

I’ve also got the added addition of little CHEWY the doggy who is a lil monster! Seriously, if you leave anything on the floor long enough, he will come and chew it…. he chews cables, newspapers, shoes, socks, pillows, handbags..EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING! I’ve been taking him out for walks, but he’s only 17 weeks old and doesn’t really know what going for a walk is all about :hehe: he walks a little, then stops, then I have to bribe him with little doggy biscuits before he will walk again 😀 He’s so cute, and when I wake it the morning, he’s waiting outside my bedroom to jump on me and lick me haha then whenever I walk anywhere in the house or garden, he runs outside to be nosy! HE EVEN FOLLOWS ME TO THE BATHROOM!.

Of all the things I’ve believed in
I just want to get it over with
Tears form behind my eyes
But I do not cry
Counting the days that pass me by

I’ve been searching deep down in my soul
Words that I’m hearing are starting to get old
It feels like I’m starting all over again
The last five years were just pretend
And I said,
Goodbye to you
Goodbye to everything I knew

Today is my last day at work, I am pretty upset about it as I get on amazingly with everyone here, plus made a few good friends along the way.

I just got a gift presentation of gorgeous pink roses, gift vouchers and a card signed by everyone at work 🙂 It was so sweet of them :heart:

Tonight is a major work party, we are going to a mexican place, 25 of us hehe then going to a nightclub and a few bars… my mom flew over from Paris this morning and she is hitting the clubs with me :hehe: so tonight should be interesting!

Tomorrow, I leave Aberdeen for good. I once said goodbye, but this time it is for good, sure I will return to visit my friends, but I will never live here again, I have plans, ambitions, which sadly Aberdeen cannot fulfil for me 😐

I sold my laptop, my daddy bought me a new one which I named GLITZU JITZU, my mom just signed up for 8meg broadband at my grandfather’s house for me where I’ll be living until Xmas, but that doesn’t activate until aroudn the 25th, so my friends… this is goodbye from me until then.

I will miss you all :heart: but hey, I know alot of you personally and you have my cellfone number so you can sms and call me to see if I’m still alive 😛

Don’t miss me too much… Glasgow here I come 😀

Note: I’ll probably check my blog from my cellfone or find an Internet Cafe and check up on y’all from there 😀

My new toy has arrived, I’m like a kid with candy :hehe: It’s my new ultra tiny usb drive!

Measuring just 3cm in height and 2.7mm thick the drives are available in a variety of fruit inspired colors. The drives are available in 256MB, 512MB, 1GB and 2GB capacities.

I bought the 512mb one which comes in purple and omg it’s so tiny that I will probably lose it! But I’m gonna use it for my MSc course to keep all my work on it.

It only cost me like £20 (approx 10KD) for it so it’s not so bad! Oh and it comes with a funky little case you can clip onto your documents or even your mobile if you wanted haha

Yes they are girly but they are so freekin sexy even guys would want them!

I’m off to play with it now 😀

Izzy Bella tagged me, actually she demanded I do this tag :hehe:

So here you have it, my favourite pair of shoes… my killer baby green heels which kill your feet after walking 500 meters in but for the love of fashion, you HAVE to wear them anyway hehehe

It’s a girl thing 😉

Yes you are most all aware that I am a programming geek, but sometimes I get pissed off at it.

When you spend every waking night working on a new look for your site, then test it for hours on 4 different browsers on your test site, and then everything is perfect, so you “launch” it…. only for it to fuck up on another broswer, then suddenly appear weird on another!

Without you touching ANYTHING that wasn’t tested before!

Ugh seriously! I know it’s a tiny bug somewhere in my coding and will be easy to fix, but it’s giving me a headache & I’m a perfectionist so this is gonna bug the shit outta me until I fix it and everything is how I want it to be 😡

Don’t you get me?

I think I’m just going to re-code it all again!

Update: I’ve taken off the links in the sidebar just now, I getting sick of trying to figure out the problem! So I’m giving up for today! I’ve got a stomach ache and feel like crap! So y’all have to put up with it not looking 100% perfect.

So after a failed attempt, I finally met up with Pearls, her hubby Rami and the little monster Hassan. We decided to meet at 7pm near my apartment and go for dinner. Pearls was running late so I sat on a bench waiting for them, then it popped into my head, how am I going to know how she looks like?! Is Hassan with her or is she alone?

Then suddenly I see a guy pushing a baby’s stroller and a lady walking with them looking around, I then stood up and approached them and said “Hey!” I think Pearls was shocked that I knew it was them, but it was little 7asoon that I knew them by hehehe OMGGGGGGGGG he is so adorable!

We went to Pizza Express for dinner, 7asoon was trying to steal Pearl’s orange juice, then he kept dropping his pacifier and I kept picking it up, then he moved onto tissue’s! He got so excited over them and started cleaning the table hehehehe. One of the waitress’ in the place then gave him a balloon and OMG how crazy did he get?! He started licking the ballon, trying to bite it and then bouncing it up in the air hehehe he was so adorable! He then moved on to playing with my keys hehehe chewing them, throwing them & drooling on them hahahaha can you tell how much I liked him hehehe)