I got a letter in this post this morning saying

“I am pleased to announce that you have been awarded 3 unconditional places with our University in Informational Management, Computer & Internet Technology and Business Information Systems.

You have also been nominated by the Department of Science for a student award, this means that we will cover the cost of your MSc course

I should be pleased if you would let me know if you decide to take one of these courses.”

OMGGGGGGGGGG I’ve been accepted into all 3 of the MSc courses I applied for!

Now I have to pick which Masters course I wanna doooooooo!

& RESIGN from my job!

Oh & move 3 hours away from where I currently am, and live with my grandfather for a year!


  1. mabroook!

    (yay, first to comment and congratulate u :p u go, twirlie!)

  2. Lavender© Reply

    Hey hon!!

    Sorry i got off so fast yesterday.. my bro-in-law came over.. and he was getting me to listen to some new recording he made (he’s in a rock band) 🙂 anyway.. as i was sayng… ALFFFFFFFF MABROOOK 7abooba!! I am very happy for you… and well…. it can only go UP from here! congrats 7abooba!!!

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