I change my handbag every week, I get bored of them easily so I empty out my bag, then fill another one of all the contents.

This morning, I decided I didn’t want to carry my huge Brown Hobo bag, and settled on a smaller jet black Valentino one.

As I was emptying out my Hobo this morning, I noticed that I do carry ALOT of junk with me! Tons of stuff I rarely need but carry “incase I need it!”

So here’s what my contents of last weeks bag were:

+ Tissues
+ iPod Nano
+ iPod Shuffle (I use it as a USB stick now)
+ Glasses
+ Contact Lenses
+ Wallet
+ Panadol
+ Personal Mobile
+ Work Mobile
+ Umberella
+ Laptop
+ Keys
+ Bus Card
+ Nail File
+ Clear Nail Varnish
+ Vaseline for my lips
+ Post-it notes
+ Pen
+ Notebook

And here is what’s in this week’s bag:

+ Wallet
+ iPod Nano
+ iPod Shuffle
+ Keys
+ Bus Card
+ Umberella
+ Fruit
+ Personal Mobile

My bag doesn’t weight as much as it used too! My arms feel nice and light *grin*

What junk do you carry in your bag that you don’t use?


  1. u should see what i carry around !! lol
    somedays i get the i wana walk around light urge, cell+bank cards in back pocket and im off

  2. omg..you should honestly see for yourself..I carry these huge bags ( cute one , i must add) and i basically carry EVERYTHING.You name it I have it.

  3. I carry many thing in my bag :

    ..Snickers or Maltesres
    ..Vaseline for my lips
    ..3 pens
    ..Note book
    ..College id
    ..Yu Gi card 🙂
    ..Facial cleanser
    ..Watch(in addition to z1 i put on)
    ..ice cream spoon 😎

    ……………………. END ^^^^

    it’s not heavy 😀

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