I woke up yesterday with one thing on my mind; CLEANING. I thought it was about time that I finally started cleaning my apartment (plus my flat mate is back after 3 weeks away on vacation!) and giving my flat mate a break of cleaning since she always does it (hell I’m still used to having a maid back home!).

I woke up around 12, and chatted with Marzouq and he was laughing his head off and the idea of me cleaning (yes it’s hard to believe!). So there I was 12:30pm on a Sunday afternoon getting ready to clean. I put my ipod {nani nano} onto her speakers and started dancing around like an idiot hehehe

My first job was to tackle the bathroom (clean the bath & shower, wash the sink, floor & toilet), then fix all the shampoo bottles & toothpastes neatly then move on to the next room. I decided to tackle the Kitchen next (clean all appliances, clean the oven & microwave, empty the fridge of food past the sell by date, brush the floor, wash the floor, clean the dining table, clean the cat’s toilet tray). I then had to take a break as I was getting mega tired so I saw that Marzouq missed called me, so I rang him back and he was killing himself laughing at me trying to clean! I was near crying and I was begging him to give me his maid for the day hehehe

I decided that I couldn’t handle all the cleaning by myself, so I called one of my friends and begged her to come round and help me {I blackmailed her by saying I’d cook dinner hehe}.

While waiting for her, I tackled the living room, the cat {whom I call Monster} was running around like an idiot because he was scared of me brushing the floor (he probably had a heart attack seeing me clean the place!). I tided up the little bit of mess there was, brushed the floor, polished the furniture, wiped the mirror, washed the floor, and then vaccumed the place to get rid of Monster’s hair balls!

Before I knew it, my friend was here… so I gave her a cloth and asked her to wipe the door handles, and to dust the place while I vaccumed the hall way and stairs (I live in an 2 floor apartment).

After 4 hrs of cleaning (me) and 30 mins (with my friend), we gave up and decided the place looked amazingly clean, so I started cooking Dinner (pasta with red pepper & chili sauce) and we went to a movie (My Super X-Girlfriend) it was a bundle of fun & cheered me up after cleaning for hours!

I came back home, and passed out, but not before calling Marzouq again to tell him of my acomplishment *yaaaay*

So thank you Marzouq for laughing at me, and not thinking I’d do it, but also for making me laugh @ the same time


  1. now u got me glancing at my room and thinking…i should…but NAAAAAAAAAAAAAah
    not now…
    Uh look wat u made me think about cleaning up my own room….ananyah this entry was so uneseccary look wat u make me think of doing ! lol

  2. hahahaha! I was laughing my ass off! Meshoo doing manual labor! loooooolll!! It was like a new kind of torture! hahahahaha! And your friend arrived two hours late! hahahahahahaha! After 30 mins she got tired! And you were lazy as hell too! It should not have taken you that long! looool!

  3. loool Marzouq is too funny, look at the bright side at least you have supportive friends. 😉 excluding Marzouq.

    Ya here in Kuwait, no one ever cleans its all on the maid.

  4. I don’t like cleaning, cleaning is a nuisance, it always is easier in theory than in action don’t you think?

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