We have a new addition to the Ananyah Family, my mommy bought a tiny puppy on Thursday, he is 10 weeks old and he didn’t have a name until 30 mins ago…

I nickname him Chewy cause he keeps chewing my grandfather’s shoes & socks

So be nice to Mr.Chewy

Ain’t he just so cute?!?! He’s a Yorkshire Terrier *jumps up and down!*


  1. He’s yummy I want one, but my Jack prefers Pitbulls! He’s got 2 :/ Male and Female they’re scary but oh well ;/ The male I got for him as a present but still I want a cute little thing. I want those Tea Cup Poodles! You know which ones I’m talking about?

  2. D- laaa2 7araaaam

    Toomz- he’s so cuuuute!

    Zouk- laaaaaaa2 he’s a scottish puppy who will live in Paris ;p

    Jackie- pitbulls are scary! tea cup poodles are so adorable! Chewy is a teacup yorkie 😀

  3. If he is going to live in Paris, the French will start calling him shuweee. Maybe you should get him a French name like Maurice 😉

  4. he is the cutest!

    i love little doggies and especially if they are in miniture

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