Ladies & Gentleman I’m proud to announce that I have OFFICALLY graduated University… yes I’m a freekin’ geek & I’m proud of it! I’m a graduate of Computing for Business with E-Commerce.

All this year, I have been working for an Oil Company but also going to University to finish my last class which was only 2hrs per week and I sat that exam in May….. and OMFG I’m so happy!

I called my grandfather screaming while jumping up & down @ University, yes everyone probably thought I was a psychopath but can you blame me?!?!?! Then I called my boss @ work cause she was dying to know my results and she started screaming, then I called my daddy who said he was proud of me, he then passed the phone to my mom who was in the middle of a shopping mall in Champs Elysees and started screaming as well and then a few other random people heheheh and I’m still screaming!

So yah…. I have to wear my little graduation outfit for July 12th, my grandfather & parents are flying over to be there which will be so fun! Now I have to figure out what to wear (it states in the rules that we have to wear Black & White)

Anyway, it’s weird when you graduate, I don’t have to worry about that Engineering exam that was scaring me for the past year, I don’t have to worry about any more exams (except when I decide to go do my Masters) and now I can move on with my life 😀

So yah….. can you tell I’m happy?!


  1. I can’t tell that you’re happy at all :p KIDDING!

    MABROUUUUK HUN!!! Wallahi i’m sooo proud of you!! *dances*


  2. mabroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooK ananiyah !!! lol while im reading i felt that im hearing u screaming and “sniffing” to express ur feelings looool 😛

    alf alf mabrooK w minha lil a3la inshallah 🙂


  3. mabroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooK ananiyah !!! lol while im reading i felt that im hearing u screaming and “sniffing” to express ur feelings looool 😛

    alf alf mabrooK w minha lil a3la inshallah 🙂

    3o2balna ya RAB !

  4. hey congrats, I know how it feels as I just completed my masters degree a month ago after 2 years of suffering and it feels great to be done with all the studying!! but in my case I’m kind of sad I’m done since I’ll be heading back home soon 🙁 I’m going to miss it .. anyway I wish you all the best on your future endeavors, and I hope you’ll land the job of your dreams.

  5. hey ananyah, congrats 4 da accomplishment.

    it’s off topic, can u send me da video of naked lady in jabriya… i have heard much about it, now i wanna c, i’m desperate… so just gimme…fast… 😉

  6. Congratulations girl! Do your thing! I expect to see you blogging from an oil tanker in the next couple of months! Tell us how that is! You got a lot ahead of you! Things are just getting started! Im really happy for you, and I know how u feel! No more tests! No more nothing! NOW GO GET A BETTER PAYING JOB! ASAP!

  7. Wooooooooooooooooohooooo
    You didddddddddd ittttttttt……..

    wish ya all the best, Please GO NY or Tokoyo :P, i’m sure your going to have fun!!

  8. cococococongratulations ananyah 😀 im so happy for you
    you know, i graduated last year from college and i headed directly from the classroom to my car with total silence asking my self “did i really do it?” then i realized the fact and went back to college to abuse whom still have 1 or 2 semesters to go 😀

    its time to make money 😀 .. wish u all the best in your job search 🙂

  9. MABROOOOOOOOOOOK, finallllllly Yes Yes Yes 😀

    btw i’m a fresh graduate like u 😀 done with uni Last May . mabrook 4 both of us 😉

    Sweety can u email me? i have a comment for u that i prefer to convey it 2u privately 😉

    *flowers, chockolates,,Gifts,,hugs,,kisses* for u dear ….


  10. Coooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnngraaaaaaaaaaats!!!! You really do deserve it! hehe hope the job applications turn out just as great!!

  11. thank you everyone, seriously I’m still jumping up & down heehhehehe

    now I have to plan so much stuff! Photographer, what to wear, my hair, makeup, hire the gown and everything!

    So stressful!

  12. YES! ::screammsss:: Im soooo proud of youuu and Im soo happy that your graduating.. EVEN MORE happier that you can finally move abroad because I know you’ve wanted tooo =]

    ahhh im all grin and i cant even control myself… oiii im soo happy for youuu!! haha.. ahhhh!

    I think you should at least POST your wishlist.. just so people can read itt.. you know.. for the fun of it.. uhh yesss!!!! =]

    I hope when I got to college I do as good as you dooo.. and thats not this coming fall but NEXT. Eeehh!! I love you a tonnn and I cannot wait to see you all dressed up and ready to GRADUATE !! TAKE TONS OF PICS!!

    loveyoubunches. natasha.

  13. Congratulations girrl!!! i can feel your energy in the post lol u deserve it hun, now go hop all over the world and find your dream job!!

  14. No one mentioned how it was nice of me to lend you Del Piero! I mean that took some arm twisting 😛

    But congrats babes 😛

    You forgot to mention that you msned me with ur graduation 😛

  15. how could I forget hehehehehhehe

    Thank u Jackie, Last nite Del Piero & I had a wonderful night, he took me out for dinner, bought me roses and had me as dessert 😛

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