Yes I’m now offically back, I even came with a new look for the site in a bid to cheer myself up a little (and make this place look nice & pretty!). The new layout works on all browsers & full of tons of cool stuff

Anyhoo… since I’ve been away, I’ve been up to ALOT of stuff and I have around 20 posts to write to tell you everything. Things in my life are much better, my head is clearer and I really needed that break to sort alot out.

I want to give everyone who worried about me a huge hug and to say thank you for all the comments and emails that I recieved (even the few calls & sms!)

Stay tuned for monster blog updates!

P.S. I still need to work on a few things in the new layout so I’ll keep you all tuned!





    Super excited!! Now, don’t leave us again!

    Luv ya :*

  2. Welcome Back!

    garrait 3ainy 🙂

    min 6awwal el-ghaibat jab el-ghanayem, and I think it’s an improved wonderful template 😉

  3. u’r back
    this place was nothinnn without u..u’v been missed 7bebtyyy nn pweeeeeeeeeeeeeez don’t leave again

    Cute layout =)

  4. WOW This layout is amazing 🙂 I looove all the pink!

    But more importantly: you’re back! yay! I’m glad things are better for you 🙂 Post about it soon, please? I’m having a week from hell, I’d love to hear about good things

  5. loving the new look, well done sweety! Welcome Back, and next time dont leave us like that you worried us all! hahaha

  6. Welcome back to your Kingdom! Sorry I was passed out and needed to get some sleeeebbbbbb.. deeepp ssleeeebbbb!! at last you got it up!!! I thought you were gonna keep tweaking it forever!! All the postponments! And now at last its back on!

  7. I am reminded of that song from Mase:”Welcome back Welcome back Welcommeee BAACCCCKKK” (then me starts pulling hip hop moves and what not!)

  8. Jackie- thank u dear *hug*

    iDip- yah I big improvement, but I’m still working on it, there are bits that I hate

    Moodito- I’ve missed u 2 hun!

    shopa- merci *hug*

    sofia- I haven’t heard from you in ages!

    Nujoom- I promise!

    Fats- I missed this place like crazy!

    Pearls- Thank you dear, I’m glad I am!

    Tata- Thank u, now it’s your turn!

    Marzouq- I will be tweeking it forever 😛

  9. I’m really glad that you are feeling better and that you are back. I have been a silent reader of your blog for awhile now, and i really enjoy checking it out every now and then because its cool, and it looks v. pretty now too. 🙂


    a5eeeerN ananyah 😀

    Dun do it again ok :@

    BTW amaaaaaaaazin’ layout 😀

    keep it up 😀

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