Sorry it’s taken me so long to write about the wedding! It was pretty fun, there were over 50 guys all dressed in kilts… now… in Scottish tradition, the guys who wear them are butt naked underneath, YES…. I mean BUTT NAKED!

At the end of the night when all the wedding photos were being taken, the guys lifted their kilts up, showing their butt cheeks to the entire hall… yes I saw 100 butt cheeks! Then… they turned around and showed their other manly bits much to my amusement lol I’ve never seen that many in my life :lmao: and frankly, I never want too! All I can say is that they all seriously need a good wax!

I ended up doing traditional Scottish dancing with the groom’s brother from Australia, Scottish dancing is hard work… seriously, you have to jump around, move your legs one way, your arms the other way, while keeping count of the dance steps in your head! Uffff give me an Arab wedding any day!

So other than seeing naked men and dancing to weird music, it was an fun evening!

The bride looked amazing in her dress, the groom was wearing a kilt which was weird as he’s Australian lol and the bridesmaids were wearing gold dresses with a black ribbon on their waist, very nice

So here are some photos of what I wore, my makeup, my hair and me (especially for Pearls)

Note to Purgatory: sorry no fishy face yet 😛


  1. Peekaboo, i SEE you! hehehe..

    And 100 butt cheeks and 50 thingiemabobs…scarred for life, scarred for lifffeeee!

  2. yaaay thats meeee did I scare you?!

    I know what you mean about the 100 butt cheeks and 50 thingies! Ugggggh *vomit*

  3. Chelle,

    Glad you had a great time! I’m happy that you are starting to smile again after all this time!

    and btw.. you look amazing!

  4. Hey..Nice & Exciting *__*

    I think u’d nightmares full of buttss naked….hahahhaha *__*
    Irish & Scottish Wedd’s are more excitin than any 😉

  5. if you say so smile_e

    khaled erm thank you I guess

    mae…. *hug* thx for cheering me up that day tho!

    sou… i know you loved it!

  6. hehehehehheh

    Sco’aish kiLLLLLts aaaaaai !
    i love the scotish accent so much and i got a kilt as a gift from one of my best friends believe it or not !

    Nani you are gorgeous and glowy in that red dress 😀

    did you get the chance to rubb any hairy B***** though ! lool

  7. LoooL @ serious good wax

    u look great sweetie,,

    waiting for the fishy face 😛

  8. 7yaaaaaaty mishoooo u like nice I mean i havent seen in updated pics ofu in a long time.

    nice and simple and thats sexxy glad u had fun. hey u gonna come to my arab wedding 😛

  9. Wow. I thought Scottish people were reserved and conservative like us New Englanders. It’s amazing to me that the men flashed everyone – front and back. Re the wax comment: EEEEWWW!

    You look fabulous, btw.

  10. at last! Nice pics! Happy you had fun! But I couldnt take seeing that much ass! (except if it belonged to women! lol)

    Looking good! And your right it is lowcut! hehehehe!!! Now back to work!

  11. Then… they turned around and showed their other manly bits much to my amusement lol I’ve never seen that many in my life and frankly, I never want too!

    question…did u use “frankly” in this sentence on purpose??:P

  12. Had to push myself to finish reading the post, because my head was aching like hell but oh well glad you had fun :/

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    i just visited your link , it’s verry nice.
    love you.
    see you soon
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