I’ve been running around like an idiot all day! I was supposed to wake up at 9am to get things ready for this evening, but of course, I got home mega late last night from work, then ended up sleeping until 1pm :angry:

So I got into the shower, washed my hair, then spent the next hour blowdrying and straightening my hair for this evening. I then popped out at 3pm to do some errands, spoke to my mom on the phone, then got my eyebrows waxed. I got them dyed as well and they look amazing if I do say so myself! I got stopped 5 times in the street asking where I got them done lol

After getting my eyebrows done, I went to Chanel and got the makeup artist there to do my makeup…. she used Grey, Blue & White on my eyes to make them mega smokey, with nude lipgloss and red tint. It brings out my eyes even more which is funky 🙂

So now… all that is left is to put on my Red & White outfit for the wedding tonight, and my killer 4 inch red heels and dance the night away 😀

Note: It’s a guy @ work’s wedding that I’ve been invited too! It should be fun especially when the Scottish guys wear Kilts and they are butt naked underneath hahaha

So yah…. I’ll fill you in with pictures et al. tomorrow 😀


  1. Enjoy have fun.. and remember the people like us who have to go to work tommorow!! I will be checking your blog at work for the pics!

  2. Ewwww lol qouting Sou “THEY LIFT WHAT TO SHOW WHAT?!” hhehe i dont know why i found it disturbing but id love to see the purrty makeup too
    Have fun!!

  3. Naughty nani
    they do it all the time on streets as well ! ekekkkkeke

    hope you had a good time , well am sure u did !

  4. heheheh Nannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiii… missed u gurl!!! and plzzzzzzzz dont 4get to post pics… we wanna seeeee =)

  5. Yah I had fun Jackie 🙂

    Sou they lift their kilt to show their butts and e7m’s 😛

    Nory- I’ll upload the pics in a bit 😀

    Don- hehehe I didn’t eat Haggis *yuck*

    Zouk- I’m sowwwwwi 😛

    Lilo- Yes it is disturbing 😛

    X- Yah I had a blast *grin*

    Maitha- I mitttth yewwwww!

    Pearls- Sure thing, I dont know how the pics turned out but I’ll upload them anyway 😀

  6. LooooooooooooooL
    It was really a nice post … by the way im a new member in the blogsphere 🙂
    i hope that u will show us the scottish butts soon loool 😉

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