Due to my boredom at work, I decided to abuse google some more, so it came as a suprise when I came across these:

Chicago’s Exotic Coach “limosuites” company has begun advertising their new LimoJet, a limousine made from a customized personal jet whose wings have been clipped. The LimoJet accommodates 16-18 passengers, and comes standard with 30″ custom chrome wheels, 42″ plasma television, 4 additional flat screen televisions, 4,500 Watt stereo, realistic jet sounds, and disco ball. The LimoJet should be available to rent in the next few months…

I think it would be pretty funky to drive down shar3 el 7ob in a Limo Jet…. definately pimpin’!

Then I randomly came acorss an inflatable USB Drive called the “FLASH BAG”, now this one is totally weird! I mean who the hell comes up with this stuff?!

Flashbag is a USB drive that inflates relative to the amount of data it holds. It’s an interesting concept, but doesn’t seem practical in actual use…. who would wanna carry round an inflatable device?! Imaging having it full!

I don’t think I’ll be rushing out to buy one! But the Limo Jet on the other hand is hawt :hehe:

Stay tuned for more Weird & Wacky things!


  1. Inflatable USB…

    I say dear Ananyah…what IS that in your pocket?? LOOL!…Ok, you have to actually hear that sentence to laugh…*sigh* hehehe

  2. Sou…. that joke would work if I was male 😛 Since I don’t really have anything “sticking out” there loool….

    you’re bored aint you?

  3. The USB Drive was on Engadget or Gizmodo hehehe since I checked it earlier it came to me as a no surprise hehe but u must’ve been so bored.

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