So cheap nba jerseys now I’m offically 24….. I don’t feel any different than cheap jerseys I did when I was 23.

I’m gonna pass out now, it’s been a long day…. need to wake up and do tons of things before my Birthday Party at tonight (as in Saturday Night).

Thanks betalen to everyone to who already said Happy Man Birthday! Especially to Alia for waiting until call the clock struck midnight in VTC UAE *hug*, to Jackie for being cheap jerseys the sweety that she is, to Solaiman for being uber sweet, and Rashed for the cute sms….

I wholesale jerseys have others to thank, but I’ll tell you about it later I on when my birthday seems more real :)


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY!!! Ahh, what a month to be born in! April’s my favourite month because I was born on the 18th of it;p

  2. Happpppppppppppppppppppppy birthday sweeeeeeeeeeeety!!! Sorrry i was out of town!!!

    Hope u have a great one.. party till u drop =)

  3. Happy Birsday Snookums :********

    i wuff wuff you (as my little cousin would say)

    And I hope you have more fun TODAY 😛 than YESTERDAY ;*

    And stop being an ebay pig okay? :/

  4. ~crystalina~ Reply


    I love it when April arrives 🙂 Its my month too. I turn 20 on the 20th ;D

  5. i hate 2 sound redundant but … HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 6a6 … 6a6!
    so u dnt feel any different than when u were 23, huh? well, hun, 3ady i dnt feel any different than when i wuz 12 n i’m 23 yrs old … 3 months … ummmm … n 1, 2, 5, … 14 days … lol
    enjoy ur “B” day 3omry 😉
    ezain is out …

  6. here i am reading th comments (talk about being malgoofa ;p) n i’ve noticed u got a freind called “fats” … so here i am again (this time wondering) … is ur “fats” my “fats” or is it simply a coincidence?

  7. hello Ananyah,
    it was the first time i had commented on ur blog.though i do drop in some times and enjoy it.
    Im afraid fats is simply fats 🙂

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