Walking Falling back home after work, there was this guy sitting on these steps, as I walk passed he shouts to mit me

“Hello their sweetheart how are you doing today?”

I ignored and kept walking… cheap NBA jerseys he Cleveland Browns jerseys then screamed

“Yah keep walking like that baby! Aaaah Yeah Baby!”

Then these 2 other guys who were walking near wholesale jerseys me laughed so much and wholesale jerseys said to me

“Oh I think you have an admirer!”

We3 White in About his dreams! He was old, fat, hairy wholesale NBA jerseys and stunk of beer :angry:


  1. wouldnt you run to my arms if it was me Nani 😛 !

    you should of gone back to him , kicked his B**** ! lool

  2. LOL hatha yen6ebiq 3aleh il mathal

    (3endik takil gal la’.. 3endik teghram gal EE) heheh fits 100%


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