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Life Tech

The IT Industry and Me

IT is a crazy industry. I learnt that during Day 1 at University studying my BSc in Computer Science & Business with E-Commerce. There are so many areas you can specialise in but how on earth are you supposed…


Exposure, Aperture… what?

Now that the weather in Scotland has decided to behave and it’s been really sunny, I’ve decided that it’s about time that I got my butt into gear and finally learn how to use my new digital camera that…

Food and Drink Tech

When Restaurants know you well….

The beauty of social media sites such as twitter, they allow you to follow a whole host of different businesses as well as people. I follow a good amount of Restaurants on twitter, ones where I frequent a lot…


Apple iOS5 Review

I’m a geek. I’m not ashamed to admit it. I love Apple. Work Colleagues make fun of me (& another guy David-Allan) as we are total utter Apple Lovers. No, not the Granny Smith variety (I have a thing…


How to Fix: The Security Tool Virus

My real life alter ego is dealing with fixing computers on a daily basis ranging from teaching someone how to use a particular piece of software to removing the nastiest of viruses around the internet. So many people are…


Showcase Recent Posts from One Category

I wanted a way to be able to showcase my latest Recipes & Techie Tip posts on the sidebar of my blog for easy reference for my visitors (yes, you guys!) seperating them from the Recent Posts and Archives.…