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Blog Tips: Blogging Evolution and the Vicious Bloggers Block

Blog Tips: How to overcome the vicious bloggers block

This year marks twelve years that I have been blogging under the ‘ananyah’ pseudonym, an extremely long time in the blogging world, in any world really. I’ve had my ups and downs since starting this blog back in 2003 and I wouldn’t change a thing. 

Through this blog, I’ve documented my thoughts, feelings, expectations and inspirations, letting you all into a part of my life. Ananyah evolved from a personal blog that I started while at University in Aberdeen into the Food & Lifestyle blog it is today. 

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Shopping with StreetHub

On the run up to Christmas, I made the effort NOT to go shopping on the high street for the bulk of my gifts. I hate the mass crowds, pushing, shoving and fighting over the best items on the…


.Scot identity launches

At noon today, a new home on the internet will be created, the .scot domain name arrives giving individuals and businesses the chance to snap up the much coveted .scot name instead of existing options such as .com and…

How to Change Mac's Default Folder Icons

How To: Change Mac’s Default Folder Icons

As much as I love my Macbook Pro, one thing I dislike is the default folder icons when you create folders on your desktop or sub-folders. The first thing I did when I got my Mac was to learn…


Instagram Web Embed

I never wanted to like Instagram. In fact I tried so hard not to convert to the image sharing application even though everyone was telling me it was a “must”. After my friends (in particular Jacqui!) bugged me like…



Phew! It’s finally finished. If I have to look at another piece of PHP or CSS coding in the near future, I shall scream (or poke my eyes out). It’s been a VERY long time coming for this revamp.…


Vodafone warns against installing iOS6.1

Earlier this evening, I received a text message (which I instantly tweeted) from Vodafone UK instructing me not to upgrade to iOS 6.1 on my iPhone, if I hadn’t already done so. The text message was specific to me…


Super Duper Virus Killing Ninja

As much as I hated my old job, the one thing I miss the most is discovering and killing computer viruses. It was my favourite part of the job. Seeing the first signs of a virus, detecting a new…

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Peroni Vivi In Stile

If you couldn’t already tell… I love food. I love eating out. I love trying out new places and exploring what this city has to offer. So, when Peroni contacted me to try out their new free Vivi In…

Product Reviews Tech

Review: BassBuds Headphones

A month or so ago, I was sent BassBuds to review and if I’m honest… I tried them for around 10 minutes when I first got them, then work and illness got in the way and I still didn’t…