2017 is the year of firsts for me.

In September, I said goodbye to the Suburban Wilderness I called home since my grandfather passed away in 2008 and started living with my boyfriend in our own apartment in the West End of Glasgow. Ross & I have also decided to cook Christmas Dinner for my parents (and dog), giving my mom a well deserved break from all the stress and panic that always seems inevitable.

Seeing the amount of stress for perfection on my moms face every year, I want to try to mitigate any arguments with Ross over who’s in charge of what, who didn’t check on the food before it burnt and who didn’t turn on the hob to boil water for the vegetables. Not that those scenarios have occurred in the past. Cough.

When Harrods sent me one of their luxury Christmas hampers as an early gift, I knew that the contents would be put to good use on the run up to Christmas and on the day itself making us the perfect hosts.

Since 1894, Harrods have been creating luxury hampers for customers and quite frankly, who wouldn’t love to be gifted a hamper full of luxurious food and drink during the festive season? The Food Halls Collection Hamper is just one of whopping thirty-six on offer. Ranging from £35 for Champagne and Truffles to £5000 for The Ultimate, there is definitely a hamper to suit all budgets. With Harrods, there’s never been a better way to spoil family and friends over the festive season.

Priced at £125, the Food Halls Collection Hamper contains an array of hand-picked favourites from the Food Hall, including biscuits, preserves, ground coffee beans and wine. I for one cannot wait to demolish all the wonderful goodies with my family come Christmas Day, no doubt while watching a movie (It’s a Wonderful Life from 1946 is a firm favourite).

With Christmas upon us…

What will we be eating?

The all important question in my family followed by “How many courses?”.

From soup, seafood platter, charcuterie, two Roasts and all the sides, this year will be no different. 

Turkey is definitely on the menu, but I’m not one for a whole Turkey. Too many bones and too much leftover. A few years ago we started buying a Turkey Crown and it was the best thing we ever did. Goodbye week-long Turkey fest. As well as serving Turkey, we always have another Roast as well. You can never have too many options. 

Last year my mom cooked our usual Turkey with a Venison Guard of Honour and this year, I’m thinking to serve Roast Beef alongside with all the usual trimmings and the English Mustard within the hamper will come in handy as an accompaniment. 

We usually have four courses for Christmas which seems rather excessive but we draw it out over a few hours. My dad flies over from Paris with a suitcase full of charcuterie and cheese for us to devour . Fresh bread, saucisson, jambon de bayonne and a seafood platter. You can’t beat it. Even the dog gets in on the action with some smoked salmon off cuts with rice.

Digging into the hamper, oat biscuits and chutney will come in handy with some cheese from one of Glasgow’s favourites George Mewes to enjoy with some freshly brewed coffee for after dinner. If my dad gets his way, no doubt it will be while watching Dr. Who and before his snoring fest. 

Oh and before you ask, Brussel sprouts all day every day and pigs in blankets. You cannot have Christmas Dinner without them. Give me a giant plateful and I’m a happy bunny. 

How do you plan on celebrating Christmas? Will you be cooking yourself or leaving it to your parents or in-laws? As it’s my first year hosting Christmas, do you have any tips to give me on how to not have a meltdown?

Disclaimer: Harrods provided me with a complimentary Food Halls Collection Hamper. All views and opinions are my own.

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