After flying into London City Airport, making our way into Central London to leave our luggage at Kings Cross Station, it was definitely time for some well deserved food. We had plans to go see Wicked that evening so we needed something substantial that would fill us up, keeping the hunger monsters at bay. Honest Burgers did just that.

Ross had raved about Honest Burgers as he previously had one of their special burgers, onion rings and chicken wings while he was in town for the London Coffee Festival and was adamant that I should try it.

Even though they have Honest Burgers Locations dotted all over London, trusty Google Maps ensured us that it was only a stone’s throw away from Kings Cross. My tired sore feet were rejoicing. Being a Bank Holiday, we weren’t quiet sure if they’d be open but luckily they were and were able to get a table without any difficultly. A rare occurrence in London for the most part.

The menu is petite, pretty much like the restaurant, but the food sure does pack a punch. I opted for the Tribute Burger (£10) after playing a game of eenie meenie miney mo. My burger was topped with bacon (naturally, you can never have too much bacon, as long as it’s crispy!), American cheese, burger sauce, French’s mustard, onions, pickles and lettuce. Ross decided to try the namesake Honest Burger (£10) which was topped with red onion relish, smoked bacon, mature cheddar, picked cucumber and lettuce. Our waitress asked if we’d like our burgers medium, definitely. It’s the best way to enjoy a burger in my opinion.

What I love about Honest Burgers (other than the great ingredients they use) is that all burgers come with fries. Not just any fries though, skin-on rosemary fries. It’s a nuisance at times having to order separate fries, or should I say actually remember to. As we were starving and my boyfriend is a human dustbin, we also got BBQ Chicken Wings and Onion Rings on the side.

Honest Burgers, Kings Cross, London

We didn’t have to wait long before our food was in front of us. First impressions? It looked rather inviting with the cheese oozing down the sides. Oh boy. I’m currently salivating. 

Upon first bite, the burger was full of flavour. You could taste the fresh ingredients and as I was battling to not let the cheese drip onto my white t-shirt, I proclaimed that this was the best burger I had ever tasted. High praise indeed. I may have had my mouth full of juicy burger goodness at said time as well. The beef did all the talking, the combination of toppings were icing on the burger cake. It was divine. A joy to eat. 

Honest Burgers, Kings Cross, London- Tribute Burger and Rosemary Fries

A little pet peeve of mine is when burger restaurants ask how you’d like your burger cooked and what you get in front of you is not what you asked for. If they state that their burgers come medium or even recommend it themselves, ensure it is medium and not well done. Luckily, Honest Burgers get it right. It was perfectly pink.

Honest Burgers, Kings Cross, London- Tribute Burger

Mid burger munch, I tried the skin-on rosemary fries. Perfectly seasoned, these fries were crisped to perfection. Marvellous. Not too crispy, not too limp. I loved the addition of rosemary which was different to the norm you’d get at other burger outlets. I couldn’t get enough of them. Cheesy thumbs up from me!

Sadly, I was a little let down with the rings and wings, which I hate to admit. As I bit into an onion ring, it was rather watery which in turn made them slightly flavourless. The BBQ Chicken Wings on the other hand were nice but a little underwhelming compared to the burgers. I adore chicken wings, but I just can’t pinpoint exactly what was wrong with them, maybe the tangy sweet BBQ sauce?

My boyfriend who has ordered both of these sides in the past even admitted himself that they were “different” this time. Both were edible but not as rememberable as the burger. 

Honest Burgers, Kings Cross, London- BBQ Chicken Wings

It’s hard to fault a place when the staff are so friendly, attentive & always had a smile of their faces. I loved the décor and the chilled out relaxed vibe. Prices weren’t as expensive as I thought they were going to be and unlike some places I’ve eaten in, there was no rush to get you out the door as soon as you had finished your food. The food, for the most part, was superb hence the high overall score and I would honest-ly (heh!) go back in a heartbeat.

Now if only they’d open in Glasgow…. until then, see you soon Honest Burgers

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  • Food - 9/10
  • Service - 10/10
  • Value - 9/10

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