Coffee. I just can’t get enough and it seems neither can Glasgow. One of the newest coffee shops around is Gordon Street Coffee in Glasgow Central Station. Not only is it a coffee shop, they also roast their own coffee in-house. Not something you see everyday! Situated above Alston Bar & Beef which I previously reviewed, the coffee shop also serves a range of hot & cold filled sandwiches such as the hot pulled beef brisket, sliced gruyere & slaw, breakfast rolls, scrumptious cakes, biscuits & pastries.

The staff roast their very own coffee blend in-​house under the watch­ful eye of the Mas­ter Roaster. Created using specially selected beans, the Glasgow Roast “celebrates the city’s historical trading links with India, Africa & the Americas. It embodies the bold & bright characteristics that the city & its people are renowned for”. The coffee is roasted in-house, where customers can see the whole process in action  & are able to taste a fresh batch of the “Glasgow Roast”. Something you do not want to miss. Alongside the Glasgow Roast, a house blend is also on offer which consists of beans from South America & Africa; the house blend is a medium roast coffee which delivers a fruity flavour that is rich in chocolate.

I was invited to come check out a bean roasting session, a cupping session and to sample the beans that make up the house blend. Watching the Diedrich Roaster hard at work was great. When you get your cup of coffee, you never really think about all the hard work that goes into picking the seeds off the Coffea plant, drying, roasting and then grinding them into each cup we drink. We watched the Master Roaster hard at work ensuring the beans were perfectly roasted. He spoke to us about the history of coffee and the difference between roasts, throughout the entire 13 minute process until we were able to sample a freshly roasted bean. I adore the smell of coffee beans, the smell was to die for. There is nothing like the smell of freshly ground coffee. Well… maybe freshly baked cookies!

Gordon Street Coffee- Coffee Talk with Barista

After watching the coffee being roasted, it was time to see it work it’s magic. We were shown how the baristas make the coffee in the shop from grinding the beans to latte art. Once they had made me a lovely flat white using the Glasgow Roast, it was my turn to take control. I was a little nervous as I had never used a professional machine but it was pretty easy! The hardest part for me was attempting latte art on my flat white. It turned out like Casper the Friendly Ghost instead of lovely swirls. Of course I pretended that it was my plan all along!

It was great to get a different insight into the Glasgow coffee scene. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to sample much of the array of food that was laid out for us, I was more interested in grabbing another cup of coffee after my 6am start that morning and watch STV Glasgow who were filming live from the shop while we were there.

Have you been to Gordon Street Coffee? What is your favourite coffee order? Do you have a favourite coffee shop in Glasgow?

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