I have a love/hate relationship with winter, I love looking at snow but I hate being cold. That is where big chunky cardigans and sweaters (jumpers doesn’t quite sound right to me!) come in. Curling up on the sofa, fluffy sweater, hot coffee (or hot chocolate, if you’re picky) and a good ol’ Christmas movie sounds pretty good to me just about now.

Trouble is, it is hard to find ones that I really like, not to mention ones that don’t make me itch like I’m covered in fleas. Not a nice sight, is it?

I adore Cashmere sweaters, it is so soft and fluffy that you’d think you’re wearing a big blob of cotton wool. Granted it is rather expensive but it is also extremely good quality that it will last for years, unlike a £10 jumper from Pradamark (aka Primark). Not that anything is wrong with Primark, I do frequent the store for socks and cheap shoes.

One step too far is the new Marks & Spencers Cashmere Onsie for £199. I don’t get the whole onsie thing, but each to their own. Would you wear a Cashmere one? I also cannot fathom how the onsie can only cost £199 if it is pure Cashmere due to it being a rather luxurious wool.

Cashmere Onsie

For Christmas this year, my mother was asking for long sweaters. It’s always hard trying to figure out what to buy her every year so I’m glad when she rather bluntly tells me what she wants and sometimes while we are out shopping actually picks up a few sweaters and tells me she wants them before putting them back on the rack. Aaah mothers.

Sadly my bank balance won’t stretch to buying Cashmere this season but I have a few favourite picks above that I desperately want when my bank balance is more inviting.

Do you like Cashmere? Any favourites that you’ve seen in stores this year? Let me know 🙂

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