Last month, I hopped on a train to Edinburgh for an event at Zen Lifestyle’s Teviot Place salon. I was excited to go as I was going to meet some new bloggers that I’ve been dying to meet for a while AND I was getting a treatment done while I was there; the brand new Clear + Brilliant Laser Facial. Zen have a great reputation, winning UK Salon Of The Year not once but twice. They are the current UK Salon of the Year 2012 and have been featured in Vogue & Harper’s Bazaar to name a few.

I arrived before everyone else due to the time of my treatment and was met by friendly staff offering me a glass of Prosecco. As the salon was empty, I had the chance to have a sneak peek before it was overflown with the invitees. The two storey salon is very modern with their signature colours purple and white throughout along with fresh flowers & candles giving the salon a wonderful fragrance. Treatment rooms have dimmed purple lighting, mini-tablets which the therapists use to take photos before and after treatments as well as allowing the customer to choose a musical playlist during their treatment. Somehow I don’t think my love of Gangsta Rap would fit in well.

It was then time for my Clear + Brilliant Laser Facial, a new treatment that is only available in Scotland exclusively at Zen Lifestyle. “Clear + Brilliant is a non-surgical, non-invasive skin treatment which uses fractional lasers to fight the natural effect of ageing with no down time. It helps even out skin tone leaving you with radiant and youthful glowing skin, improving the smoothness, texture and reducing pore sizes. A one off treatment (£195) will give the skin a rejuvenated look, but for more dramatic and durable results we recommend a course of 6 treatments (£975)”.

My therapist Maxine explained the treatment in detail to me, showed me all the equipment to ease my nerves and told me that it would just feel like pins & needles along with some heat. So, maybe having laser beams on my face wouldn’t be so bad after all? What could possibly go wrong? Other than burning my entire face off, of course. Not that I’m a pessimist, at all. Nope. Not me.

To start, my face was cleansed wiping off any makeup I had on and a local anaesthetic cream applied which was left on for 30 minutes to numb my face ready for the lasers. It was rather soothing having cream massaged onto my face and while Maxine was doing this, members of the press and bloggers were asking me questions about how I was feeling. So far so good.

After my face was all numb, the laser was applied in stages. Each area of my face had the laser applied 4 or 5 times. It honestly didn’t hurt, in fact to begin with I didn’t feel a thing. However, after the 3rd application on an area, I did start to get rather warm. It wasn’t painful, I’m the biggest wuss out there so at least I can vouch for the fact I was pain free much to the delight of the press and bloggers who were popping in and out. It actually felt more a hair dryer was blown on my face for a few seconds (yes, I’ve done that before!).

In total, the treatment took approximately 1.5 hours and there was little to no discomfort. My face, as you can imagine was very red afterwards (that’s what you get for having your face lasered!). Maxine put some Priori CoffeeBerry Mineral Foundation on my face to help hide the redness so I didn’t scare people on the train home. That’s one of the plus sides with this treatment; you can put mineral based makeup on afterwards. Great for those who hate leaving the house without makeup on. At the end of the treatment, I was advised on the aftercare; wearing SPF 50 daily, cleansing my skin and maintaining a good skincare regime. I was also instructed that the redness will die down after 48-72hours and that was that.

I then rejoined everyone in the salon, answering more questions from the press, networking and trying not the scare everyone with my face. I was able to watch others get treatments such as HD Brows & Shellac Manicures then excitingly show off their new look to everyone around them. It was a wonderful event and I met some great people who I have seen since such as Dawn, Lori and Charlene.

So what happened to my face in the days and weeks since?

The redness reduced after 48 hours, I followed all the steps that I was told; cleansed my skin, lots of sunscreen and moisturiser. My skin was very red and blotchy before the treatment so I was happy to see that the red blotches were reduced, my skin was smoother and looked healthier. In fact, I had a few comments at work and from friends that I looked more radiant. Maybe they just wanted something but I’m putting all the praise on the treatment. Having the treatment for me, was great. I’m not just saying that because it was a complimentary treatment, I’m saying that because I was so disheartened with my skin beforehand and even after just 1 course, it has signifcantly improved. I can only imagine how my skin would look after the recommended 6. Alas, it is rather pricey but I would recommend it if you have the money or are disheartened by your skin like I was. You won’t be disappointed.

Thank you for Rebecca at AJCconsultants for the invitation and Zen Lifestyle for the complimentary treatment for review. I’ve added photographs I took of my face before, during and after the treatment. Yes I look scary and I’m not wearing makeup, but it’s all good.

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