Music. One of the greatest things to cheer you up after a shit day. Of course the other thing is a huge bowl of Pistachio Ice Cream, Belgian Chocolate Sauce & leftover Pick n Mix which I’m currently inhaling while blogging. Oh how I need this. Lots.

I decided to start sharing some of my mixes with you all. I have a pretty crazy music taste. I love everything from Gangsta Rap to Opera. I hate some genres of music but then discover a song typically within that genre and fall in love with it. I’m just weird but I love variety. I get bored easily with music and will play a song to death until I don’t want to listen to it anymore only to “rediscover” it again months later and repeat the cycle.

So, with that… my first Mixtape is entitled “Still Life” and features some of the songs that I’m currently in love with or have been for quite some time. You can listen on my website below OR you can click the link just below to listen on the 8tracks website. It’s my new addiction!

Still Life on 8tracks

  1. My Life 50 Cent feat. Eminem & Adam Levine
  2. I Need Maverick Sabre
  3. Mirrors Justin Timberlake
  4. Don’t Take It Personal Monica
  5. Schoolin’ Life Beyoncé
  6. Lay Me Down Sam Smith
  7. Retrograde James Blake
  8. Night Light Jessie Ware
  9. On My Way Charlie Brown
  10. Right Now Rihanna feat. David Guetta

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