One of my “resolutions” was to finally get my driving license before I was 30. I never needed to drive before. Living in Kuwait, I had my parents or drivers around to get me from A to B which was great. When I came back to the UK, I was in Boarding School for 2 years and living on campus when I did reach the “legal” driving age, meant I didn’t need to drive either. At University, I lived right in the heart of the city next to my campus so in my 20’s, I didn’t need to drive. It was only when I moved into my late grandfather’s house and started working that it was finally time for me to learn to drive.

learn to drive

Learning to drive was pretty interesting. I had never really driven before getting behind the wheel, unless my dad teaching me to do wheelies and 360 loops in the middle of the Kuwaiti Desert counts 😉 It turns out, I was a natural behind the wheel… except those damn gears (automatics are so much easier!). I had a few scary moment, driving in the snow and ice while a gang of teens were next to the car throwing snowball covered rocks at us. That reminded me about the areas NOT to ever venture to.

After around 23 hours of lessons, in blocks of 2 hours… I passed my test first time with only 3 minor points taken off. After I passed and the examiner gave me all my paperwork, my instructor was surprised I passed and also passed with hardly ant faults. Not because she didn’t think I could actually pass, but because my examiner was a notorious failer. Go me!

Moving on…. everyone knows the best part of passing your test is the car shopping! I have rather expensive taste in cars due to my upbringing. However, I don’t think my bank balance would have covered Mercedes, Porsche, Maserati or an Aston Martin just yet! Instead, I kept to a reasonable budget of under £10,000 for my first car and it had to have Built in Sat Nav, an iPod Dock and a Bluetooth Phone Connector. I love my mom’s Mercedes CLK but she would never let me drive it so the nearest I was going to get to a full on Mercedes was a Mercedes Smart Car. It didn’t have all the gadgets I really wanted so the search continued! It’s a time like this that working with all men is rather beneficial! They gave me various websites to go on & helped me check out the specs.

An hour after passing my driving test I bought a car; a Toyota Aygo Go that I nicknamed Tuk Tuk as it’s rather tiny (but perfectly sized for me!). I investigated it online for a few days beforehand though as well as advice from the guys I work with. I didn’t even take it out for a test drive, I walked into the showroom, pointed at the car & said “I want that one, in dark grey please”. The sales man was completely shocked, don’t think he’s ever had a sale as quick and easy. The way I see it, if I like something, know I want it and can afford it, why wait?

It’s been just over a year since I’ve had my license & car and I love every minute of my new found freedom. I rarely use public transport as it’s not the most reliable out in the Suburban Wilderness of Erskine. I love being able to just jump in my car and drive to wherever I want to. Drive Thru Costa Coffee and Whole Foods Market seem to be the favourites lately!

I wish I didn’t leave it as long before learning to drive but I’m finally glad I did!

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