I hate Christmas shopping. I never know what to buy for friends & family because generally, we don’t need anything or if we did, we’d buy it ourselves. If you are anything like me, you finally decide to buy one main present after spending hours online & window shopping but then want to buy little things as stocking fillers or try to figure out what to get someone as a Secret Santa at School/Uni/Work. That is when Prezzybox came to the rescue with their collection of Christmas Gifts. I browsed their website and was instantly drawn to the Soldier Egg Cup & Toast Cutter and Tude beams gifts. The big kid in me was ecstatic!

Soldier Egg Cup & Toast Cutter (RRP £6.95)
Who never got the ultimate all time favourite of boiled eggs and soldiers as a kid? When I was young, that was one of my favourite breakfasts I could ever have. I loved dipping the bread into the runny yolk & then fishing out the egg with my little teaspoon. Fastforward to me now being 29, I still love it. I can’t get my mom to make me little soldiers anymore (she’d tell me to get lost & do it myself!) so this is when the Soldier Egg Cup & Toast Cutter made all my childhood memories come alive again, this time even better!

I boiled my eggs for 3 minutes (after the water started boiling) to make them just the way I like them, while they were boiling away, made my toast. Once my eggs were ready, I popped one into the Soldier Egg Cup, put it’s little hat on to keep warm & then cut my toast into little soldier shapes using the cutter. AMAZING. I swear boiled eggs & soldiers tastes so much better when the toast is actually in the shape of soldiers LOL 😀

Tude Beams (RRP £9.95)
Designed with different characters in mind, I was sent LOAF. Makes sense really, I’m a couch potato when I get the chance. Tude Beams are a new way to enjoy mood lighting. When you press the button or even when music is playing, the characters change colours from blue, white, red, green, purple and flashing white strobe lights. You can even set it to just flash the colours instead of the strobe lighting for those with health issues. I love the brightness of the colours the character shows, my favourite being the purple & blue. When music is playing & the lights change sequence, it does feel like they are dancing along. The characters make great gifts for a child as a night light or as an adult to try relax them in a darkened room. I love mine. I will eventually give it to my baby nephew for his bedroom when he is old enough to actually live in his little bedroom because I think kids would get more enjoyment out of it.

I love Prezzybox because they showcase a range of gifts that you generally would never have thought about (or even heard about!), bring out the kid in you all over again & are reasonably priced. If you are looking for something different, even if not for the Christmas season, then take a look at their website.

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