Last night I attended the Press & Blogger Private Screening of 50/50 at Cineworld in Glasgow. Before going to see the movie, I checked out the trailer online and was left wondering whether or not I actually wanted to go see the movie. The trailer didn’t scream WOW to me but after seeing the movie, I’m glad I went. Moral of what I learnt? Never fully judge a movie by it’s trailer.

Inspired by a true story, 50/50 is the story of a young man who turns a devastating illness into a unique opportunity to experience life. Adam’s (Joseph Gordon Levitt) best friend, Kyle (Seth Rogen), uses Adam’s condition to lure girls into sympathy sex, his overbearing mother (Anjelica Huston) loses sight of him in her own fears, his otherwise-occupied girlfriend, Rachael (Bryce Dallas Howard) tries to distract herself with an increasingly frantic social life, and Katherine (Anna Kendrick), the young therapist assigned to his case, struggles to keep up with the needs of her third client ever in an unexpectedly funny movie that reminds us that sometimes laughter really is the best medicine.

Cancer is a complete bitch & this movie certainly makes you think. Written by Will Reiser, Seth Rogen’s real-life close friend, the movie is roughly based on their own experiences and how they handled Reiser’s cancer diagnosis six years ago. The on screen acting between Joseph Gordon Levitt & Seth Rogen is magic. The film tackles the harsh and depressing journey of cancer with scenes that are hard to watch at times, making you think of those in your life who are or have tackled cancer in the past, however it isn’t meant to be depressing. The film is about positivity and humour is mixed into the movie throughout, especially in scenes where Seth Rogen’s character uses his friends illness to try and score girls. A very honest movie which is both touching & hilarious. One of the best movies I have seen for a while. Go check it out. I’m sure you won’t regret it!

50/50 is released on November 25th in the UK

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