I hate shopping. Detest it with a passion. I’m not one of those girls who enjoys going into malls for hours and hours walking store to store trying on everything and anything. I have more of a manly approach when it comes to shopping; I have an idea in my head of what I’m looking for, I then set off out to the shops, if I don’t see anything I like within 5 (10 at a push!) minutes, I walk out. I then get pretty grumpy. If I do see something I like, I’m in & out as fast as I can. My record? 7 minutes buying over 8 items. Impressive if I do say so myself!

Work attire is slightly different. You have to look a certain way, dress according to rules & be presentable. It’s always a nightmare trying to decide what to wear for work. Since getting my new job (more on that in another post!) I have been buying new clothes weekly just so that I’m not wearing the same sort of things week in & week out. My bank balance doesn’t like me, but at least I look presentable.

The worst thing for me though? Shoes.

I hate shopping for shoes, however, I found shopping at Nicershoes.com has made the experience more bearable. I never wear really expensive shoes at work anyways. I like to keep the expensive shoes for outside of work, instead, I buy a few pairs of cheaper shoes to wear to work & don’t really matter how badly damaged they end up because they weren’t expensive. This has resulted in me buying a new pair of shoes for work practically every other month. It’s pretty annoying now though!

I’ve been looking around at various places for shoes, normally I wear black ones as it goes with everything but I have even seen some brown or silver shoes that I like the look of & it’s so confusing trying to figure out what looks better! Over the years, I’ve started to hate wearing heels. I’m already pretty tall for a girl anyway (5’7), I find heels are pretty pointless unless it’s a special occasion or a night out so any work shoes have to be flats. Everyone knows real women wear flats, right? 😛

Do you get stuck trying to figure out what to wear to work? Do you prefer heels to work over flats? Help me out with shoe suggestions for work! Ones that I can actually walk in!

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