Technology, Restaurants, Clothing, Movies, Gadgets, Books, Beauty Products & Hotels. A few things that are reviewed online, but do they actually influence you & make you want to purchase something?

For me, when I want to buy something expensive like a new digital camera, laptop or phone, I will generally read everything & anything I can find out about it. After reading the reviews from other consumers & their personal opinions, I will then decide whether or not to purchase that item. I’m VERY picky when I want to buy a gadget as I know that I will be spending a lot of money & I want to make sure I’m spending it very wisely.

I myself have started product reviewing as you have probably already seen if you frequent my blog, but do you actually read, take notice and/or influenced by my opinions? I know that several people I know via Twitter & Facebook have been to restaurants/cafes that I’ve recommended based on my reviews of them such as @iLovePinto & Restaurant Bar & Grill in Glasgow. That makes me happy in a way, because people actually listen to me (ha!) and also because it is somewhere that I love & want to see succeed, especially if they are a new establishment.

According to a study by Social Commerce Today, within the UK:
1. 61% of people read online reviews for products and service
2. 75% of people compare prices online
3. 49% of people post online reviews
4. 64% trust review from other consumers
5. 58% trust reviews from professional reviewers
6. 67% of people will have changed their minds about buying a product after reading 3 negative reviews

Do you agree with those figures & results? How far do product reviews influence you & would you change your mind about buying a product due to bad reviews or would you rather test it yourself & make up your own mind?