Skincare. One of the most important things in a “beauty regime” (other than the wonderful benefits of a good deodorant!). There are so many products on the market that you can’t help but be at a loss when you try and attempt to pick good creams, scrubs and exfoliaters for your face (and body!). I honestly cannot keep up with the amount of “wonder creams” that are on the market, ranging from the “cheap and cheerful” to the “is this made out of diamonds? It’s that expensive!”. I’ve never yet found a cream I’ve been ultimately satisfied with and in all honesty I’ve never ever had a skincare routine in my life.

Throughout my entire teenage years, I was extremely lucky to never have spots. On rare occasions I’d have one or two every few months, but that was very rare. Things changed dramatically when I started getting ill in my mid-20’s. My face started breaking out in red patches, my skin became dry, at times I look like my entire face is in a rash & I end up using BareEssentials powder to try hide the redness. This is all a side effect of my PCOS & meds I’ve been taking. Whenever I take Antibiotics my skin also breaks out unbelievebly bad like I’ve had an allergic reaction. I hate it and until now nothing has worked & I’ve had to live with it (or spend hundreds/thousands on a Dermatologist who may or may not be able to help).

I was introduced to Trisha at To Me Love Me who runs a skincare website & clinic based in Glasgow. Her main passions are skincare & the health of skin with her main aim to make “the principles of good skin care and skin health, and the means for achieving them, accessible to a wider audience”. Selling and recommending products she has tried & tested on herself, she also operates a Non Invasive Skincare Clinic called Thorntonhall Therapies.

Within To Me Love Me, customers can fill out a free profesional skin assessment form with questions based on your skin ranging from “Do you have any key skin concerns?” to “What type of skin do you think you have?”. She then contacts you via email or phone with a complete skincare routine with recommended products.

I was sent samples of my recommended products which were:

I was given a detailed report on a day & night routine for my face broken down into which product to use & how to use it properly. I used them for nearly 3 months religiously (hence the delay in this review!) and they worked! Seriously. I fell in love with Vitage Clear Complexion Serum (rrp £19) and used it 3 times a day to help clear the redness and spots. Within 24hrs you start noticing significant changes to your skin which for me, was the best thing that could happen. After my sample ran out, I bought a full sized tube & is now part of my daily routine! After using all the products, the redness on my skin has completely gone, any spots have disappeared & stayed away (except when I was on a week’s course of antibiotics due to a chest infection!), my skin has slowly started to become clear & I couldn’t be happier!

For me, To Me Love Me was a great help. I was at a complete loss to find way to help clear my skin up & from filling out the form & talking to Trisha, I was able to find a perfect routine designed especially for me which is what I have always wanted & now have!

If you want a free skin analysis for yourself, go on over to To Me Love Me & fill out the questionnaire. You can then purchase the products recommended to you from the online shop, which are delivered all over the UK with free shipping. If you are in the Glasgow area, you can also get an appointment at her clinic Thorntonhall Therapies for a variety of treatments. Trisha also runs a blog where she updates on new products she tries & sells within her website, such as the on-going Priori Lash Recovery Serum weekly updates which I’m now dying to try out!

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