So, here it is… the last year of my 20’s. Freaked out a little? Yes. Freaked out not because I’m scared of ageing because frankly, I’m lucky in the fact that I don’t actually look like I’m now 29. I don’t look a day over 28 heh!

I’m freaked out because there are so many things I want to achieve before I’m 30. It’s funny when you’re young & you try to envision how you’ll be when you are in your late 20’s & how our imaginations run wild. My life right now is not how I planned it. I doubt anyone’s life is how they planned it.

But I’m happy. It look a while to realise that. But I am.

I have grown up so much within the past year & I can honestly say that it took until my 28th birthday to know exactly what I wanted to do in life career wise & hopefully continue to develop that.

Things I want to achieve this year?

1. Finally get my driving license. I’m 29 now. I need a frikin car!

2. Get a better paying job. I have expensive taste. My current job doesn’t pay enough to keep me in the manner I’m accustomed too!

3. Travel more & catch up with old friends. I need to make more of an effort!

4. Save money. I am really bad with money & blow my salary every month. I need to bulk up my piggy bank (will also help me achieve Number 3!)

5. Laugh, Smile & Be Happy

6. Microsoft Certify myself & continue being the wonderful girl geek that I am (had to add that boring bit in, sorry!)

Quite simple really! So, that is me. Being all wise on my 29th birthday, sitting on a train heading to Aberdeen for my birthday weekend. Spending time with good friends, laughing & enjoying life.

Bisoux <3


  1. Happy Birthday Sexiness! And I can honestly say that where you are at today is a much better place than 2 years ago when things were kinda dark.. I am proud of you in any situation! I really hope your dreams and wishes come true this year!

    Here’s hoping that this year will rock your world!

  2. Happyy Birthday y’al Ghaliyaa ( I wished it to you on ur actual b-day via twitter and facebook).. but had to add it here. You have grown soo much in the last few years.. I have seen you evolve into a bright women masha’allah… Keep up all the amazing work you’re doing, and know that you are amazing as you are… take care sweety… XOXOXOXO

  3. Happy B Day girl!

    U know I was just looking at Microsoft Certifications! And I didn’t have a clue where to start!

    I’m going down that road too and I think that I haven’t done too bad! 😛

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