This week I’ve been falling apart bit by bit. It all started on Sunday as I was heading to work, I got on the bus at the right time but then I got really bad stomach cramps & felt really dizzy like I was gonna pass out so I got off the bus at the next stop. I then proceeded to vomit like crazy then I felt a bit better, I then walked back heading towards where I got on the bus & again… vomited. I stopped in at the only shop open (the Butcher’s) to use their bathroom and once again, vomited but this time diarrhoea as well. I felt awful but I knew I still had to go to work as they were short staffed (I later found out that it was only going to be 1 other guy & me on until late afternoon).

So there I was, feeling like crap. I went back to the bus stop & called work saying I was going to be late cause I was sick & had to get off the bus. I waited for a while before…. yeah you guessed it… vomited again! This time not so prettily got it on myself so had to walk home to get changed. As I was walking home my stomach was killing me, getting tight & I felt like I was going to pass out. I got changed & headed out again… only to vomit all the way there!

In the end I had to call work & say I wasn’t going to be in as I felt like crap but I tried to make it in. I ended up sleeping for most of the day with a hot water bottle, a towel & a bucket by my side which came in handy as I was vomiting non-stop on & off for 3 days!

Then Monday night came along… I got up from the sofa where I was feeling sorry for myself to get some water & disaster struck. I got pins & needles all down my left leg, fell down on the ground, heard a crack on my left foot as I fell on my bum & my ankle twisted. I was screaming in pain from it hurting so much & basically sat on the floor for 5/10 mins hoping I was able to stand up & didn’t break anything. I managed to hop to the kitchen to get an ice pack & from past experience with my mom (who always seems to hurt her ankle/foot!) I knew I had to raise my foot up a bit. After an hour I still couldn’t move my toes or wiggle them, my foot became extremely swollen so I called my Mom in Paris for advice then my Brother. I ended up having to call the NHS 24 helpline to tell them what happened, they were asking me all sorts of questions then said they wanted me to go to Hospital for X-Rays.

So there I was 11pm on a Monday night heading to the Emergency Room at the local Hospital. The plus side was because I called NHS 24, I didn’t have to wait for hours, I was seen after 15 mins, the first doctor took notes of what happened & felt my leg. ankle and foot asking where it hurt. Needless to say as he was putting pressure on the sore bits, I was screaming like a baby!

I was then put in the wheelchair & my brother pushed me round to the X-Ray Department. My brother thought it would be funny to pretend he was a Formula 1 driver with me in the wheelchair & I kept shouting at him to slow down LOL. I was told that there will be a long wait for X-Rays because they were busy tonight but when I got round there, I was seen straight away. The Radiographer was HOT (my sister in law agreed!) and when he asked for my paperwork from the ER department, he joked that it said I was fighting a group of 5 ninja’s, did some cartwheeling & subcomed to my injuries which made me laugh LOL

Luckily, I didn’t break any bones or tear a ligament but instead suffered a really bad sprain which I was to rest, use ice packs, keep my foot elevated, don’t put a lot of pressure on it & most importantly take A LOT of painkillers to help.

It’s now Day 3 since the accident & my foot is still pretty swollen. I took the bandage I had on off this morning to let my foot breathe a little bit before putting it back on & was shocked at all the bruises. I have killer bruises, it hurts like a bitch & I’m running out of painkillers!

So there you have it, my week from hell. Thankfully I’ve stopped vomiting but my braincells are starting to dribble out my ears from way too much daytime TV *sigh* & I now have to figure out how the hell am I going to manage hobbling to work tomorrow afternoon & back again!


  1. OH! poor little you.. that really sounds awful to go through all at once..

    hope you are feeling better now.. have u seen a doctor about ur stomachache??

  2. Dorcas St James Reply

    Poor you – it is easier to get the full story on your blog – there’s not enough room on Facebook and Twitter. Hope you get back to normal soon 🙂

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