I was sent a pair of North Face Hedgehog for Men from FitnessFootwear thanks to FuelMyBlog a few weeks ago for my Dad to try out. My dad goes through trainers like crazy but he never really buys himself any so when the chance came up to test these, I snapped it up.

They were delivered a few days before he arrived over from Paris & he decided to put them on to walk Doggy Dog all the way from the house to the beach (crazy distance by foot, I sure as hell wouldn’t do it!). As it was the first time wearing a pair of shoes, I was kinda worried that he may end up with blisters or they hurt his feet due to the fact they are new & haven’t had the chance to get used to his feet. But, the results were suprising.

My dad wore them walking for hours and said they were really comfy, great for running & walking in. He ran around the beach with the dog & told me that they were very light weight and not heavy, they gave great support for his insoles and even though it was raining at times, his feet were always dry and able to breathe (which is good for people with cheesy feet LOL)

The only bad thing he had to say about the trainers was that when he tied the laces, they kept falling out after a while & he had to keep re-tying. My mom says the reason for this is because he ties his laces in bunny ears rather than the “proper way” & he doesn’t double tie them lol but other than that, he loves them & has worn them pretty much every day since (minus when at work!).

So there you have it, a happy dad! The North Face Hedgehog trainers are £76.45 & come in a range of different colors. You can buy them on the FitnessFootwear online store & also read the FitnessFootwear Blog for all the latest sports and outdoor shoes news, reviews and previews.

& here is my dad modelling the trainers, complete with Doggy Dog jumping into the shot LOL


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