Craig over at Scottish Blogger Dad tagged me in this Internet Meme where you basically have to choose five famous people who find attractive & where it would be deemed OK to cheat on your partner with and not count as two-timing lmao! If you think about it, we all have them, but it’s hard to think of just five!

So here are mine:

1. Henry Cavill. The British Actor best known for playing Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk, on The Tudors. His eyes are amazing aaaah *swoon*

2. Juan Martín Hernández. An Argentinan Rugby Player who poses in the Dieux du Stade Calendar. He is hot. Need I say more?! Ladies, I suggest you click on the link! Oh yes!

3. Robin Thicke. Man this boy can sing! His voice is amazing & I could listen to him all night long!

4. Shemar Moore. He plays FBI Special Agent Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds. Once again, what can I say? He’s tall, dark, utterly handsome & has amazing eyes!

5. Last but certainly NOT least, Romain Duris. He’s a French Actor *swoon* who has starred in movies such as Le Divorce, Dans Paris, Molière & Et après. One of my favourite actors EVER, did I mention he’s French?! No? Well… he’s French! Yes, I have a thing for French men LOL

So there you go, the 5 men I am in love with. I have now noticed a certain type I’m attracted to… tall, dark haired stubbly faces with amazing eyes. So what are yours?


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