Last Night, I went to a private screening of Kick-Ass before it’s UK Public Release. I’ve never been the hugest fan of Nicolas Cage so didn’t know what to expect before going but from the trailer, it looked hilarious & how could I refuse seeing a comic book movie? *geek*

Created by Glaswegian Mark Millar & Directed by Matthew Vaughn of Stardust fame, Kick-Ass tells the story of Dave Lizewski, a geeky teenage comic book fan who wonders why no one has ever decided to come real life superhero’s. He then creates his alter-ego Kick-Ass donning a green & yellow wetsuit, however, he soon discovers the answer to his question; being a superhero without powers hurts as he realizes when he was beaten & stabbed during his first “mission”.

Kick-Ass doesn’t give up & after healing from his injuries; he becomes a phenomenon after footage of his “mission” is spread all over the Internet & News networks. In the mist of his fame, he soon discovers that he is not the only superhero out there; a crime fighting duo by the names of Big Daddy & Hit Girl have been slowly working on taking down the criminal empire of a local mobster Frank D’Amico who Big Daddy blames as ruining his career & killing his wife.

He’s soon thrown into the world of bullets, blood & killing alongside Big Daddy & Hit Girl taking on Frank’s son, Chris, now reborn as Kick-Ass’s arch enemy, Red Mist staging the set for an ultimate finale between good & evil forcing Kick-Ass to live up to his name.

Before the movie started 30 mins later than schedule, a film crew was inside the theatre, then all of a sudden a guy stood infront of the crowd announcing that Mark Millar himself, Aaron Johnson & Christopher Mintz-Plasse (McLovin!) were there to participate in a Q&A Session, which was amazing! (as well as the free popcorn!) They answered questions from certain members of the audience and dealt with microphone’s that kept cutting out on them LOL

As good as Dave Lizewski (Kick-Ass) is in the movie, telling the story from his perspective making you relate to him; relating to those of an opposite sex at high school, the different social groups & how trying (and becoming) a superhero changed his life, he couldn’t of carried it off without the backup of Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage) and Hit-Girl (Chloe Moretz) who are known as the “real deal superhero’s” complete with all the weapons & gadgets you could ever imagine.

As I said before, I’ve never been the greatest Nicolas Cage fan but he surprised me. He was brillant in the same, often impersonating Adam West from Batman at times, which was genius. The only gripe I could have is that we don’t see Big Daddy enough in the movie.

To me, the main star of the movie was Hit-Girl (Chloe Moretz). Sure there has been a lot of negative press about her within the movie because she is a minor and using words like “c*nt”, but her character works on so many levels! She is one actress to watch, it will be interesting to see what she does next. There are so many Kill Bill elements within her character and it shocks you to see her be so violent at times (especially since this is a 15 rating in the UK & she’s too young to actually see it herself) but then you turn around and laugh your head off. Her action scenes are the best by far & she makes Kick-Ass the success that it is.

In certain scenes within the movie, it cuts into animated artwork by John Romita Jr that backs up the Kill Bill elements but as this is a comic book movie, it flows well & just gives you an added experience into the world of comics & who better than Mark Millar. But unlike Kill Bill, during the action scenes, it does not switch to Anime & chooses to stay in live action. The accompanying soundtrack is sometimes bizarre but they work surprisingly and piece together what is happening on screen well.

The movie is non-stop fun from start to finish & everyone laughed at the right bits, jumped at surprise killing scenes & clapped at the end of the movie. At the end, it felt like you watched the characters grow & bonded with them, yearning to see what they’d do next & I’m hoping we will see more of them in the sequel, which is rumoured to be happening.

Kick-Ass has been one of the most anticipated comic book movies this year, which you can tell if you walk down the streets & see the amount of advertising showcased. Did I love it? Yes. Was it worth it? Yes. Will I watch it again? Yes. Kick-Ass is funny, action packed & extremely entertaining.

Kick-Ass opens on 26th March in the UK & on April 12th in the US/Canada. I highly recommend you see it, as they say in the movie…

“Just wait till they get a load of this…”

[rating: 4.5]


  1. Found your blog, wasn’t that hard, lol.. great review by the way.. 🙂 an for such a great film, can’t wait for the sequel.

    You should do some guest posts for me.. :p

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