You may remember that last June, I reviewed giving it major thumbs up & have recommended it to friends within the UK & Ireland and also sent a £20 gift voucher by David Buttress, who runs to give away during my 6 Prizes in 6 Days for 6 years competition. Since then, they’ve under gone a major website re-vamp introducing Belly & Brain as part of their advertising campaign in within the UK (see the TV advert above!). Belly is such a cutie!

So here I am again, pimping out for the simple reason that I love it, so much so that by their records, I’ve used it 23 times & spent over £400 to date *gulp* since I first used it in November 2008.

If you’re in the UK & stuck for dinner, then use the website, it’s great if you don’t have any cash on you (like I rarely do!) & ultra simple to use! If you’re in Ireland or Canada then you can use it too! Not to mention Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands & Norway.

& no, I’m not paid to pimp the website out! It’s just one of my favourite websites around I thought I’d share 😀


  1. I followed your link from Twitter after @LisaSeat mentioned you on #followfriday today. I’m in Ireland and can confirm is fantastic here. However my favourite is that our local Pizza Hut lets me order online AND pay with my PayPal balance. I don’t know why that gives me such a buzz… geek! LOL

  2. @Rhona: ooh that is pretty good, paying with paypay! maybe I’ll suggest that to just-eat for the future 😀 thanks for ur comment! hmmm pizzzaaaa!

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