Ever since I started doing Customized Blog Designs with Jacqui, we’ve been emailed numerous times with requests & because we do them for free, its even better for the clients, plus it boosts our portfolio.

But, now we’re getting more & more and we’re starting to think we should start charging for them, why not make money out of something we love, especially since I’m jobless!

So the question is; how much would you pay for a custom blog design from Jacqui and me?

Would you still want a customized blog design from us if we charged you for it?

Please give us some feedback 😀


  1. I think that’s an excellent idea! Your work is great and you are both very talented! With what I have seen you do, I think it would be a good venture!


  2. personally i prefer to pay for any service/product i get. so if u really intending to shisma i will be the 1st to request a custom design ..
    price can start from 50 and gets higher with complexity ..

    when will u start ?

  3. Yes you most definitely should charge for it.

    Actually I’ve been thinking of finally getting my blog a custom design and going back to blogging. Maybe I’d be your paying customer 🙂

  4. lily marafie Reply

    You should go for it! But since we’ve been working in the web market for a while, I can tell you that not a lot of people would pay much for a wordpress website (which sucks because that’s all i know!!!). But you should draw up a price sheet and your clients can pick what they want from plugins, designs, and any additions like forum and hosting. So if you want to raise the price, you can offer them a package deal.
    your blog looks amazing, and for a design like that I would personally pay 150 for it. Remember, you’re putting hours into it so don’t be afraid to ask for a certain price and at the same time, don’t charge too much because a lot of people may not be able to afford it.
    And no matter how friendly you are with any of the bloggers, you MUST ask for a 50% payment upfront and any additions will have a fee. So draw up a contract (can be done online, they can just click i agree) so that it doesnt get complicated. i wish you the best of luck. you and jackie rock!!
    if you need any help with the business side, let me know. 😀

    (sorry, sometimes i get carried away when i get excited, i just don’t want you to make the mistakes I made when I started freelancing and doing websites with my partner) :S

    p.s you should consider doing bloggy type personal websites for individuals who don’t want to blog, but want to post their CVs and accomplishments online for professional reasons. those should sell for a higher price because then you can use jquery scripts that could polish the website and make it look less bloggy and more professional. But who am i to speak?! you’re the one with the computer degree hehee!! :*

  5. sure u should !! I personally would pay from 70 to 100 k.d for a custom design blog + ur work is chathaaab !!

    good luck
    plz cntact me if u guys started this service 🙂


  6. I love your work and was going to email you last week about customizing our blog. We are very new at this and just started blogging last week. Please let us know when you start 🙂

  7. Great idea !

    I might pay 300 – 500 KD depending on the complexity of the blog.

    Even personal blogs count big time, in the amount of work which is involved in customizing or probably creating a custom widget.

    ~ Soul

  8. Looks like you guys have some followers.. remember to put up sites that you have already done! Take screen shots as you may not know what the owners might do to the themes and mess it up! lol

  9. Hey Michelle! hope you’re well. I think your blog is fantastic. I am going to be starting one soon too (it’ll be food-related) and would love ideas or advice on it.

    I’ll get in touch with you over facebook to tell you a bit more about it xx

  10. thanks everyone for your replies and suggestions, will contact those who are interested nearer the time we set up and of course blog every step of the way 😀

    now the hard bit is to come up with a name 🙁

  11. Your work is awesome and I would give you my blog to design without having second thoughts 😉 Go for it! You guys rock 🙂

  12. Everything comes with a price and people are always willing to pay for custom designs. I’d say start at 50 bucks depending on the type of design you’re doing and work your way up from there.

  13. ive seen ur work on p0ach
    great job

    other than that i dont know abt ur work

    but i think a complete blog makeover should be calculated at estimated time for completion.
    20kd per hour is realistic starting point. If it takes u guys around 5hrs to come up with a blog like poach.

    good luck

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