Last month, my favourite people at Fuel My Blog gave me the opportunity to try out and review the website I came across the website several months ago when I wanted to order some food but didn’t have any cash on me. I googled & found who take credit/debit cards and placed an order with an Indian Takeaway nearby. So prior to my review, I had experience ordering from them, but this time I got a free £15 voucher to use & abuse to hearts content.

So what is this website if you haven’t already guessed? It’s a UK wide website which allows you to order takeaway’s and delivered right to your door without even having to lift the phone & search for money! About time it kicked off in the UK! It’s pretty simple to use which I’ll show via screenshots and all you need to do to start off with is create a user account & search for restaurants nearby which have signed up to the site.

When you enter the website, the first screen you are met with is the search for takeaways area shown in the screenshot below. All you need to do is enter your postcode and press search. This screen also shows how many takeaways have signed up for the service along with how many takeaways have been ordered by people via their website. For support, have a live chat support in case of any problems you may face with the website or while ordering which is available until 11pm 7 days a week.

Once you have searched for your postcode, a list of the takeaways in your area that have signed up to the program will be shown. In my current area, only 3 takeaways restaurants have signed up which is annoying because their isn’t much choice. 2 Indian takeaways and 1 Fish & Chip place. The last time I ordered from, I still lived in the City Center of Glasgow and had over 10 to choose from which is much better & expected of a site like this. That however, is not a problem from, that’s the takeaways problem who haven’t opted into the service available. So, back to the website…. once the list of takeaways in your area has appeared, it will show the estimated time it will take to deliver to you, what type of cuisine it is, any customer reviews that have been left & a button ‘Order Now’ to see the menu and start ordering.

I decided to order from Renfrew Curry House because I saw it had good reviews from other people who used the website & because I had previously used them in the past in the traditional way of telephone ordering. After clicking ‘Order Now’ I was shown a menu screen where it told me the takeaways opening times, how much the delivery charge is & the different menu types available e.g. collection and night delivery.

The menu is very well layed out into sections e.g. Beverages, Starters, Special Offers, House Specials etc along with prices and a description of the item (great for when ordering a dish when you have no clue what will be in it lol). To add a dish to your order, simply click the green [+] button and it will automatically show your items selected on the right hand side along with the subtotal. When you add items, you can also delete items easily by clicking the delete button and it will refresh your subtotal. Once you are done adding items, click proceed to start the order process.

The next screen shows your order with the option to add more items if you need to, the ability to specify delivery time and entering your personal details for the delivery.

Once that has been done, your order will be processed and will begin communicating with the takeaway of your choice giving them your order. You must keep this screen on as if you close it, your order will not be processed. It can take anywhere up to 90 seconds for your order to be approved, so don’t worry if it takes a few seconds. It is rather scary at first when you think the website isn’t working lol

Next you will be given confirmation of your order with the estimated delivery time, the type of delivery and the method of payment. You will see that my order over all came to £19.90, I had a free £15 voucher to spend and paid the difference by cash on delivery which was great… the cheapest takeaway I’ve ever had to pay for hehe.

To end your experience, you will then be emailed another confirmation of your order along with contact details of the takeaway incase you want to ammend your order and customer support information if you need to get in touch with a employee regarding your order. Making things better, everytime you order, you are awarded points and these points build up on their website allowing you to get free gifts such as vouchers and tshirts 🙂

45 minutes after ordering, the delivery man from Renfrew Curry House arrived with my goodies *drool* I ordered a Lamb Bhuna which is a tikka style with fresh ginger, garlic, coriander & tomatoes and then the ‘Best Deal in Town’ which was a massive collection of Chicken pakora, Tandoori Chicken, Chicken tikka, Lamb tikka, Curry sauce, Rice, Naan, Salad, 2 Poppadoms & Spiced Onions… even with 3 people eating we couldn’t finish everything & left the rest for the next day lol

Overall, I really love this website & it’s potential. I just wish that more takeaways sign up because there is only so many times you can eat an Indian takeaway before getting sick of it :crazy: Since this review, I’ve ordered several times and will continue to do so!

If you’re in the UK, check your postcode & see what choice you have 😀

Oh BTW If you are in Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium and Netherlands, you can go to and order 😉


  1. Thanks for taking the time and trouble to review the site and service. It’s always great to hear honest, real opinions. 😀

    One of the key things we try and do is give all the users a great choice of restaurants. It is a fair point in the review that in some areas the choice is not there yet. We are working hard to convice all the lovely takeaways around the UK to come online! If you live in the major towns and cities you’ll be fine, if you don’t then we will get to you soon!

    Keep ordering ‘takeaway the smart way’. Thanks again, David

  2. @Faith: google, you never know they might 😀

    @David Buttress: thanks alot for your comment, that’s the problem I faced moving from the city into the suburbs, the lack of takeaway places around, hopefully they do sign up for the service because there isn’t really a negative reason not too!

  3. @ananyah:
    Faith: Keep your eyes peeled just-eat will be in Canada sooner than you think! Check it out around early August time.

    Ananyah: There is a function on just-eat where you can recommend the best local restaurants and we will go and speak to them, it might help if you are in a low restaurant area. Keep up the great work!

  4. Its good to have a website like this, but that does look a bit messy!

    Time for delivery and ease of use is very important for a website!

  5. @Paul: yeah it’s a great addition to the UK market, I’ve used it several times around! thanks for your comment

    @Sean: thanks a lot for your comment

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  7. I really liked initially and used it intently for a while. but when I experienced poor customer service recently, I grew concerned.

    I recommended to many colleagues who, like me, work away from home a lot, stay in hotels and quickly get fed up of the hotel menus. I did send them some detailed feedback suggesting how they could make their service more helpful to customers like me (adding a receipt option for example) – never got any response on my feedback though.

    I recently noticed that there was a new option to enable you to store alternative delivery addresses so you can get deliveries to elsewhere than your home/base location (saves changing it for every hotel).

    After taking advantage of this feature for the first time, I was surprised to get a call from telling me that I had not provided a delivery address. The caller told me it was a bad line so I raised my voice and told him I would look up the address on the just-eat systems. The caller objected to me shouting at him and told me I should know where I lived. Clearly not understanding about the new option. I had looked up the full address details of the hotel when I filled in the delivery address but did not remember the details off by heart. He clearly thought I was being an idiot and threatened to end the call.

    I persuaded him to stick around, looked up the delivery details on THEIR system and passed them to him. He made no apology for the fact that their system was broken. Food arrived on time and was great.

    Filled in feedback form and sent emails and reminders. No apology, nofix announced, etc. Not great customer service. Does not bode well for the future.

    I have done a look around and posted the above on a few feedback forums. I notice some people have had no problems and love the site, but there are a significant number of people who have experienced problems and suffered from poor customer service. A key part of the problem is that just-eat seem to take the position that they just pass orders to the restaurants and then it is nothing to do with them. Not sure they can do this legally actually, might be interesting to try.

    There is an option to pay with a card when you place the order, but there is a small fee, and frankly I do not trust this option. Seems from other feedback that I was right. Several people have reported multiple-charges, difficulty getting refunds (when for example the delivery times given on the site turn out to be wrong so you have to cancel), and coincidental fraudulent use of the card numbers (I make no accusations here – just follow good practice with regard to when you give out your card details online).

    I did really like the service originally as I find it so much easier to work online and browse a menu, select items and see the order value building up. I do now find myself uneasy about the future of this company though. Unless they improve their customer services and processes, they will stumble badly in due course.

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