Thanks to Santa Claus my dad I’ve now become addicted to the Nintendo Wii. A few weeks ago he bought the Nintendo Wii & Wii Fit complete with Wii Sports & Wii Play 😀

The day it got delivered, I set it up and started playing bowling & tennis (my favorite games so far) and it was funny jumping around like an idiot! But the worse was yet to come… when I played tennis with mom later that week, instead of hitting the invisible ball with the remote, she ends up wacking me in the arm so hard I dropped to the floor out cold, it hurt like hell :crazy:

But the best bit about it is the Wii Fit, when we started playing it, mom & I couldn’t stop laughing our heads off at doing Yoga poses, ski jumping, step aerobics & jogging. It is truely one of the best inventions ever. I’ll leave you now with some photos of unboxing as well as my mom & brother in action LOL









  1. The wii is a dangerous invention as it causes you to get hurt but it’s also awesome and addictive, I love the one I got for my grandma’s house and wish to get one of my own maybe for my own house ;P

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