At 2:20 this afternoon my grandfather passed away after 3 months of fighting bowel cancer.


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  2. Allah yer7ama oo eghamed roo7a el jana.. I’m so sorry, Mimi..

    I’m here if you need anything :*

  3. May he rest in peace.. I’m sorry for your loss.. stay strong girl.. *hugs*

  4. Allah yer7amoh .. in shaa Allah he rest in peace .. i’m so sorry for your loss ..

  5. :'(
    I’m so sorry to hear this..Allah yer7ama eb ra7mata enshallah..O Allah ey9aberkom

  6. I am sorry for ur loss sweety (I just got ur sms)… May his soul rest in peace! Let me know if u need anything…

  7. May Allah rest his soul in peace in Heaven
    You don’t imagine how sad I am
    Everyday I enter you website and see the updates and my hand over my heart
    I feel sad and I wish you keep asking God to rest his soul in paradise
    My hearts with you dear

  8. slowly gather your strength…i understand exactly how it feels….my mum passed away when i was 18…it hurts so deeply that i am not sure whether i hv recovered until today…

  9. Hope God gives you and your family the strenght and courage to get through this and may his soul rest in peace xox

  10. sorry for your loss
    Allah Yer7omah

    May Allah Provide you with strength.

  11. I wish you and your family the best… Hope there’s someone waiting for him!
    Sorry for my English, I’m Dutch. Mean it good!

  12. Im so sorry for your loss. may he rest in peace

    Were here if you need anything babe ;*

  13. Ina lila wa ina ilihi raji3oon.

    I’m so sorry for your lost love.. May his soul rest in peace..

  14. Alla yourhamo since we have known about his illness he became part of our life, May he rest in peace.

  15. Allah yer7omah enshallah,
    ena le allah ow ena elyh rag3on,
    may he rest in peace, God be with you sweety:*

  16. I am really sorry for your loss,may God bliss his soul ,
    allah yer7amah

  17. Jelly Belly Reply

    My deepest condolence and I’m so sorry for your loss… may he rest in peace.

  18. OMG I just found out. I am so SO sorry, sweetheart. If there’s anything I can do, please, please, PLEASE let me know. I’m here for you if you need anything. Anything at all. Please know that. Stay strong. Chin up. He’s no longer suffering. Again, I’m so sorry for your loss *hugs* Love you 🙁

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