Even though Chewy is a cutie, he is really annoying sometimes! When it’s time to go to bed, my grandfather takes his little bed into the kitchen along with his teddy bear and blankets and Chewy runs away cause he doesn’t want to go to bed and we have to chase him around the house.

Last Night, during the chasing session, he ran into my bedroom in my grandfather’s house (I’ve been staying here for a few days) and he jumped on my bed and decided to pee all over the bed cover. I started screaming at him and he ran away from me to hid in a corner as he knew he was being bad. I then hunted him down and shouted that he was a bad boy and he gave me this little puppy face look and I shouted at him some more and told him to go to bed.

So last night, he went to bed with a little sad face and I was left to clean up the pee, change the bed covers and sleep in a bedroom which stank like pee *sigh*

This morning, as I woke up he followed me into the bathroom and looked at me with another little puppy face and I shouted at him saying that I’m not talking to him. All morning he’s tried to play with me and I’m ignoring him and telling him to go away lol

Somtimes I could really really really kill him (well not literally)


  1. lool u know what? give him a taste of his own medicine and pee on his bed… 😛 lets see how he feels!

  2. Hey Micha, I’ve been calling u for a few days now, what’s wrong? I hope you’re ok.

  3. @Laialy_q8 – except when he pees in my bed!

    @Fonzy – hahahah eew hell no!

    @missy – yah that’s after me shouting at him today lol

    @manni – hey you, ee i saw your missed calls but i couldn’t pick up, my grandfathers house has a bad signal. I’ll call you later tonight enshalla :*

    @chikapappi – aww for me 🙁

    @Jacqui – he’s a cutie when he’s a good doggie!

  4. @Marzouq – hahaha he likes cats hahah

    @Cat – he is cute but a devil!

    @Lavender© – hahaha gee thx ;p

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