Adele has scooped the Critics Choice Brit Award for the artist most likely to be big in 2008. The singer picks up a Brit Award before even bringing out a full single- her recent track Hometown Glory was only limited edition. Adele is likely to be top of many ‘Tips For 08’ lists and will release her debut album early next year along with the single Chasing Pavements. UK Music Guru’s have stated that she is the new Amy Winehouse and has Lily Allen amongst her fans. Her debut album, 19, will be released on January 28th 2008.

Check out her upcoming single ‘Chasing Pavements’


To download this song, and a few others CLICK HERE

The next artist to arouse hype is David Jordan, a future soul sensation with his rocked-out R&B, his searing electric soul with sassy-male falsetto vocals, his fairly straight take on well-produced Lenny Kravitz/Seal-style guitar-funk-pop. His music is very unusual mixture of different genre’s and you’ll either love him or hate him. His debut album, Set the mood, was released on November 5th 2007 but he is still much of an unknown, until now.

Check out this single ‘Move On’, from his debut album


To download this song, and a few others CLICK HERE

So, what do you think of the songs?


  1. Hey there, I like your header, is that Leona Lewis?

    How did you make that pic, is it a photoshop with new elements inserted? Or did it come as is….very interested to know more about how you put together your lovely themes.

  2. @Rockstar – It’s actually Eva Mendes and this photo came as it is with some mild editing. Most of the other themes have been photoshopped majorly but I wanted something simple for the time being 🙂 On the other hand, the actual theme template was heavily edited by me to look how I want it too. Maybe one day I’ll make some tutorials!

    @Chikapappi- yah I really liked it too 😀

  3. The song my Adele is really neat … and she does sound a little like Amy. But I wasn’t feeling the other track

  4. Yeah, the first song is superb. The next one wasn’t too hot, but I see potential.

  5. @Laialy_q8 – Adele is great but you’re right about David, his songs are a bit weird and you either love it or hate it.

    @N. – Yah, he could turn out good but Adele already is 😀

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