SNAPPY TOOTH, my new 12 Megapixel Sony DSC W200 Digi Cam 😀


She arrived this afternoon in a battered box and was hand delivered to my apartment door by the building concierge dude. He told me that I should open it to double check the contents were in one piece. So when I did I was shocked.. I think my face was like :O

I instantly knew it was for me as mama said a few weeks ago that a box will be delivered to the apartment and I wasn’t to open it.. but I have so many deliveries to my apartment, I didn’t think twice to open it and I became ultra happy! I called mama as she was taking my grandfather to the doctor (long story) and she didn’t say anything. So when baba called, I asked him about it and he said it was my Xmas gift and I wasn’t supposed to know about it hehe

When mama came home, she made me check in the box to make sure everything was fine with it and then she said “you might as well get it now since you know about it!”. So there you have it… my new little toy, all 12 mega pixels of silvery perfection 😀

& here is the first shot I took, my messy apartment (it’s always this way when mama comes!)


Sou named her Snappy Tooth as she’s female… with an attitude, SNAP!


  1. Ohh! You quoted me too! “She’s female with an attitude, SNAP!” haha

    Mabrouk on your new baby!

  2. @Sou – haha of course I did! You named her & I shall keep her in one piece! I’ll die without her now hahaha I have a little case and wrist strap as well just in case another tiger jumps out at me!

  3. @Laialy_q8 – hahah yah I never do, mama has her cigarettes and ashtray on my table along with tons of papers! The rest is my junk ;p~

    @Angela – it’s one hot mama!

    @Jacqui – whyyyyy? you have the ipod touch so I’m jealous from that hehe and you have OUR phone *hmph*

    @nono – merci ;*

    @Dreamy – it wasn’t my faaaaault *sniffles* & yah I was looking at cams for ages and ages!

  4. @chikapappi – 😀

    @Ansam – totally!

    @Jacqui – awww ;*

    @Lavender© – allah yibarak feeeech :*

    @Marzouq – thx and I like the name ;p

    @missy – cool! – yah I wanted too but baba bought this for me, so what can I say 😀

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