Friendship means being just that; friends forever.
Sticking up for one another, being accepting of eachother
when the trials and tribulations of the world has shown its ugly face.
Friendship is the support group that does not judge your
flaws but applauds your survival.
Friendship is the bandaid that heals all wounds,
it is the map on those days when you are feeling lost.
Friendship means being kind when nothing in your day goes as planned.
Being sweet even when your most painful wound has been reopened.
Friendship is equivalent to a mother’s bond with her child.
It is unconditional, it is loving, trusting and best of all, it’s friendship.

I am so lucky 7umdullah to have the ultra amazing friends that I do, ones who I can be myself around without being judged, they in turn can be themselves around me knowing that I’d still love them unconditionally. It’s been a long time since I felt this way and wala I swear to god that I’d never trade them for anyone!

It’s rare to find people that you can trust wholeheartedly without even a millisecond of a doubt think that they’d stab you in the back, and when you do find those people….. it’s refreshing!

I’ve recently learnt the difference between my real friends and fake friends, and I’d rather spend my time with a few real ones than lots of fake ones because at the end of the day, they will never be around when you need them the most.

This post is dedicated to those real to me, whom I could no longer live without and whom I know will always be my true friends. Throughout everything, you have been there for me, given me advice, picked me up when I was down, put the biggest smile on my face, and made me laugh uncontrollably that I almost pee myself hehehe

Marzouq, JuJu, Sou, Swair, Noura, Hiba & Aisha…. I love you guys from the bottom of my :heart:

Update: Marzouq is forcing me to put him as my number 1 friend, and is jealous cause I put Juju. So for everyone out there… Marzouq is my number 1 best friend, he’s like my big brother, always bails out my ass when I’m in deep shit and knows me inside out. Love yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa n-roid ;p~


  1. awww aint that sweet. I envy ur friends for having such a wonderful person like u in their life and in return u having such amazing friends. Ive been always a secret lurker to your blog and to three of ur friends *Sou, Juju, and Marzouq*

    To tell u the truth, you 4 are talented, perky and fun and ur company is always a pleasure. In short, you guys are tremendously inspiring.

    U deserve it ya 3esal !

  2. Hey… BITE ME!! Why the hell aren’t I at the front, I’m going over to my other screen and I’m going to kick Jujus assssss…

    I’m the enforcer around here, and everything else!

    Hey why don’t you join that damn online financial software that I sent you! You need to get things in shape!!

  3. on another note.. I need to beat your sleeping patterns back to normal!

    I’m going to my basement to play some videogames for now….

  4. It is hard to find a friend that you can trust nowadays bs el7amdallah at least I have one =D ..
    Good Luck with your real friends Nany 🙂

  5. Zahra– thx, it’s not often I’m this sweet ;p~

    Attaw– Thank you so much, your comment made me smile. We are just normal people, being ourselves so thank you for your touching words.

    Missy– enshalla ya rab!

    Zouk– Zouk you know you’re number 1, you n-roid ;p~ I will join that software thing hehehe I need to actually check my emails, I have 144 to check :S My sleeping is as messed up as ever, I didn’t sleep til 12pm today and I just woke up! I swear I’ve turned into a vampire (minus the sucking of blood bit lol) Have fun with your video games, you need to relax ;*

    Pink Gurl– you’re right about that, so when you find them you have to keep them close 😀

  6. Awwww!! I know what sparked this post up! Yes, I do 😉 😉 😉

    Love you Chelle, you know I do!

    Oh, as for Attaw, YAAY I HAVE A SECRET LURKER!!!! I mean reader! 😀 😀 hehe

  7. Nyahahahahahaha In YO FACE ZOOUK!

    😛 I’m #1 I’m #1 I’m #1 Wooohoooooooooooooo!

    sad ain’t it that I am this excited about being #1 ;P Hehehe truly and mims I’d like to say all that right back at ya ;p you’re one of the greatest chicks I’ve known in ages and you keep in mind our plan LOL!

    Aight? 😛

  8. Bitch you had better change that or I’m going balastic on your ass!! You haven’t seen an ass kicking like what I’m going to do to you!!!

  9. No 1 good change.. or else there would have been consequences

    No 2 I like right clicking, what the hell is up with that, switch it off or I’m talking to your HOST!!! looooooool! I am far reaching! looool!

  10. Zouk– Shut up ;p~

    Pearls– He can’t touch me hahahaha & ur wonderful too ;***

    BigB– He wouldn’t hurt a fly 😀

    Blue Dress– Thanks 😀

    Chikapappi– you’re right!

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